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Importance of Fundamental Rights Under Indian Constitution

The Constitution of India is by far the lengthiest written constitution in the world, and it is not just for the sake of it. But, the constitution in reality covers each and every minor and major aspect, which will make every citizen of the nation feel protected and uphold the true spirit of judiciary at […]

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Indian Constitutionalism by Somesh Vaidya @LexCliq

Indian Constitutionalism Constitutionalism refers to a polity that is ruled by or under a constitution that provides for basically limited authority and the rule of law as opposed to arbitrary authoritarian or totalitarian control. As a result, constitutional governance must inevitably be democratic government. In other words, constitutionalism is a political theory in which a […]

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The Chief Justice of India has called for Legislation mandating Mediation as the first step in Resolving Disputes by Somesh Vaidya @LexCliq

Credit:MoneyControl   On Saturday, Chief Justice of India NV Ramana emphasised the importance of enacting legislation to make mediation the required first step in the dispute settlement process. Prescribing mediation as a mandatory first step for resolution of every allowable dispute will go a long way in promoting mediation. Perhaps, an omnibus law in this […]

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