culpable homicide

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Lawful Homicide

Lawful Homicide By: Robin Pandey                                                                                                      […]

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Difference between culpable homicide and murder

There are many crimes, happenings, accidents and foul acts that keep happening on the daily bases. Many are done on purpose and many just happens by mistake or by chance. These have been going on from forever. Between all the crimes there is one act called homicide i.e. ‘men killing men’. It is the humans […]

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Punishment for the crime of Murder under IPC, By Kartikeya Hundet, At LexClip

Introduction The offence against the body (homicides) causing death or killing any individual is considered one of the heinous crimes under the penal law. In India, there is a lot of legislation to stop, control and punish the offender for such offence, even though the homicide rate is increasing at an alarming rate because of […]

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