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Determining Parties to Domestic Violence Act proceedings: Karnataka High Court

-Tejash Yadav, Law Centre 1 University of Delhi   In a recent judgment Karnataka high held that respondent cannot make any person who is not ‘domestic party’ to the concerned appeal. Karnataka high in court in its single bench of Justice Shrinivas Harish Kumar in its order said that part other than parties to the […]

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Right to dissent: With reference to UAPA Act in recent scenario. UAPA and Sedition

By TEJASH YADAV,  Law Centr 1, University Of Delhi   ABSTRACT with the rise in terror activities having the institution to Limit describes the government has the duty to implement various rules and regulations to prevent terror crimes but regarding recent development, the unlawful activities prevention act 1967 of India aimed at criminalizing and penalizing […]

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Rabindra Nath Kakar and Ors vs Union of India and Ors on 4 December 2020: Case Analysis, By Kartikeya Hundet, At LexCliq

Background: In recent years, there has been a change in the environmental policy focus more on the wildlife conservation and protection of mangrove forest ecosystem in India. The higher judiciary had played an important role in the implementation of measures for pollution control and protection and conservation of forest. In this case, the Bombay High […]

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Interdigital v. Xiaomi

Case Study on: Interdigital v. Xiaomi Abstract: In its recent judgment, Delhi High Court has captured all the eye and been the topic of the hour directing towards the structure of “Confidentiality Club” as in Interdigital Technology v. Xiaomi Corporation. The case study focuses on the Defendant’s rights beyond the standard-essential patent litigation. Introduction: The […]

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