students can complete this short base course and prepare

Islamic lessons

Islamic lessons for Kids Course

Do you try to make your kids Muslim but you can’t teach your Kids about Islam or send them to an Islamic school? Or do you want to expand your Islamic lessons for kids, and increase his school report? Rewak Al Azhar Online Institute is the best choice for your Kids. We provide an online Islamic study for specially made and advanced Kida for Muslim Kids in non-Muslim countries as we understand the challenges parents can face in nurturing their Kids in non-Muslim environments. Also, this course is specially designed and set to levels that fit your Kids’ current Islamic knowledge and make the education process easier.

Course Details:

Students will be assessed through a free assessment session to determine their level. They will then either attend foundational classes or attend a direct hefz or recitation class:

A- Classes for early:

These classes are designed for kids who have no previous Qur’an education. From the basic alphabets of Noorani Qaida and the Qur’an, we gradually move towards the sound of the Qur’an. At the end of this course, students will be able to read the Qur’an in the right Arabic pronunciation by teaching them the right way to pronounce the letter from its specified point in Arabic. We focus on teaching Tajweed for children from day one, which provides young students with a strong foundation of basic Tajweed rules at the beginning of learning the Qur’an. In 1 to 3 months, students can complete this short base course and prepare for reading or memory classes.

B- Reading Class:

Under the supervision of our expert online Qur’an teachers, the young student will learn to read the Qur’an by applying the rules and regulations of the entire Qur’an. Once this course is completed, students will be able to read the Qur’an beautifully while applying tajuddin rules. Students of this class will learn some of the most famous verses and surahs of the Qur’an with their hearts.

C- Memory class:

Children are much better at memorizing new information than adults, which is why we encourage parents to enroll their children in classes as young as possible. Students organize a planned program to memes, correct, and perfect the Qur’an. Our dedicated and loving online Quran teachers will be there to support and encourage your child at every step. They will do numerous exercises in online classes to test your child at every stage to strengthen his or her ability to memes the Quran and help them gain confidence. All exercises are carefully chosen and prepared so that they make it easier for children to memorize the Quran.

What is the best choice for your child in this course?

You can get online Islamic studies courses for children; However, there are some issues that make Riwak Al Azhar’s online Islamic studies unique to the course for children and different from other online Islamic courses. Excellent features that make us the best that we do include:

Online Islamic classes are specifically designed for children

We have specifically designed this course to present comprehensive Islamic teaching of young students in a mythology and simple way. Instead of teaching Islamic studies in traditional ways, our teachers take a mythology and enjoyable approach to make the education process easier and more enjoyable for your child and can remove his thoughts that learning Islamic studies is difficult. In this way, children will not only gain knowledge and new information about Islam but will also be encouraged to learn more about Islamic education when they grow up.

Step by step education

The purpose of this course is to develop your child’s essential Islamic knowledge and to develop Islamic morality in his role. We have placed this path in twelve levels; The aim is to ensure gradual and logical progression and to make the perception of Islamic ideas and terminology easier.

Online Islamic Education Expert

At the Riwak Al Azhar Institute, we have experts and highly qualified teachers who have graduated from Al-Azhar University; Islam is one of the most important universities in the world.

One Islamic lesson after another for children

We set up our online classes one after the other. Our teachers pay attention to every person to ensure the efficient progress of your time.

Monthly and Weekly Reports

Monthly and weekly report assessment facilities where parents are informed about the progress.,57961841.html


Our goal is to provide the best Islamic study teachers and unparalleled services of online Islamic studies so that your children pay affordable fees.

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