Student Drivers Instructed to “Just Plug in a Portable Car Heater”!

space heater and fan comboI’ve a Google Alert for those portable car best space heater cheap news, since I blog about automobile equipment. I saw this news story and thought it was ridiculous adequate to be really worth sharing. I’ve written before about precisely how difficult it’s finding yourself–as a consumer–in the dilemma of having a broken and bypassed heater core. And just how, needless to say, a portable vehicle heater is not a great solution. But it’s good in a pinch–just getting you through until it’s time to decide whether to fix the heater or perhaps choose a whole new vehicle.

Well, can you picture managing a driving school and telling the pupils of yours, “Hey the heater is not working–so just defrost the windows with this useful plugin portable automobile heater. It is great driving experience for each teenager!”

Ummmmm, not okay. I cannot help but wonder, if the rearview mirror came off, whether the instructor will see the 16-year-old student that it is excellent multi-tasking education to hold on the rearview mirror while driving.

Or perhaps offering additional training modules on secure texting while driving?

Not too amazingly, the school turned off not long after pupils reported back to their parents about that lame portable automobile heater recommendation.

Here is the bit of a blurb from the news article: it’s kind of funny–in a regrettable, shaking-my-head type of way.’The cars started breaking down usually, at times the braking system went bad, terrible steering, no heat and bad tires,’ Prebynski said.’ When the office manager said to purchase a portable heater and plug it in the cigarette lighter in weight to give heat and told us the very poor condition of the cars could be good experience for the drivers, I knew it was time period to go.'”

While I believe lightweight vehicle heaters are marvelous small products, I cannot envision permitting a new driver to fail in a car with a nonworking heater. Let alone be able to drive on a car without a functioning defroster.

Simply do me a favor and do not tell your teenager a plug-in car heater is likely to make her a much better driver!

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