Everyone is aware about the tussle between the government and twitter , as there were accounts who were using so many inflammatory hashtag and twitter denied to block those account even after government ask them to do so,
And the ongoing Farmers Protest helped in increasing this conflict as all over the world farmer protest had got huge support. Due to which many international artist, Activist like Greta Thunberg, Rihanna and Meena Harries and many other people expressed their opinion in this matter, and due to this so many controversies were raised.

18 year old Greta Thunberg is a Swedish Environmental Activist who used to challenge the World Leaders to take the strict measures to save the environment and climatic change she tweeted one tweet which created one biggest controversy which is known as toolkit case.
The tweet was deleted later by her, as it was old document and after that she again tweeted new document attaching the document or toolkit, there were 5 links in that tweet after clicking that link it was open up to different pages.
What is Toolkit?
It is basically the document where all the details about the farmers protest was given, so that the people who are not aware about the farmers protest could know about it, and by analysing it they could help the farmers in the protest according their wish.
As there was ongoing clash between the Delhi Police and farmers due to which in many parts of Delhi Internet was suspended.

So that toolkit had mentioned two accounts and first was – FFFINDIA – Fridays For Future India which was the movement run by school students, and they used to bunk the school on Fridays and use to go on different places to conduct strikes to save the climate and environment.
And Another Account was – EXTENTION REBELLION INDIA – This is also one thousand one forty five group people Environmental movement that encourage the government to take action for the benefit of climatic changes.
In that tweet she mentioned about taking urgent action which means that to support the Indians Farmers use as much hashtag as you can use and to sign the online petition related to this.
Ad also to use hashtag ask India to be used by mentioning @PMO.
The result of this tweet was that Delhi Police Cyber Crime Cell registered FIR against the creator of these toolkit as it was against the Indian Penal Code Section 121- which talk about the war wages against the Government of India.
So this tweet in some sense was doing the work to create the situation of social, economic and cultural war against the government.
After all the Investigation it was found that the Poetic Justice Foundation was the organization who formed the Toolkit which is also known as Pro-Khalistani organization.
And it was not for the first time that these type of toolkits were created earlier also in many bike protest these type of tool kit were made.
The Indian Government have blocked all the Indian bank accounts of Amnesty International after which Amnesty International called this move by Indian Government as Witch hunt.
Amnesty International is very big human right Organization – the reason behind stopping this organization by government was they put the allegation on it to violate the Foreign Exchange Management Organization Act FEMA AND FCRA (FOREIGN CONTRIBUTION REGULATION ACT).

And against this Amnesty International India’s Director Avinash Kumar said that – these false allegation are imposed because their organization had asked for the transparency and accountability on the matter related to Delhi riots and Kashmir human right violation.
So we can conclude that toolkit is key document to digital era protest and is used in protest as pamphlets on the street.

Monisha Acharya

An aspiring lawyer in process.

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