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A cannon capable of emitting a highly reflective laser beam which, when reflected off of a surface, bounces and does not disappear. The bigger the size of the target, the bigger the angle of the laser reflected off the walls of the passage it’s fired in and the more concentrated, smaller the diameter of the beams of the laser. This device is used to eliminate monstrosities in the construction of ancient tunnels.
Help Flight attendant Curtis in his effort to survive the bloodthirsty monster faction, the Wretched Ones. Exploring the lofty structure, taking stock of the deposits of the ‘Artifact Slopes’, you will be able to form your battle strategy and decide whether to turn back. The Wretched Ones rely on the presence of two items — the Flamberge and the Antipasto — to steal the life force of passersby. The Flamberge is a special catapult that fires a projectile capable of destroying objects hundreds of meters from the ground. The Antipasto is a motorized food dispenser capable of dispatching self-propelled traps in great numbers to hunt the mortal enemies of the monsters. To access the Artifact Slopes, you must solve the puzzles of the gameplay.
Key Features:
Procedural Exploration: In a single scenario, you will have to interact with a large number of objects and furnishings that will require a great amount of dexterity and speed to operate correctly.
Tactical Turn-Based Combat: In this game, you can choose to walk or to fly and will have to engage in combat with giant insects, and the monsters, the Wretched Ones.
Destruction of Monsters: Sink the tips of your claws on the bodies of the wicked; they are monsters and must die.
Strategy Inventory: Only things when you will be needed.
Appeal to the millions of players who love zombie games, ‘DayZ’ is the brainchild of the creators of ‘Grim Tales: Resident Evil 2’ and ‘S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl.’ In the ‘DayZ’ world, the players must defend themselves and survive from the monsters and the wild animals that roam the territory. The character of this game in ‘DayZ’ is a survivor of a nuclear apocalypse, and his survival depends on his will.

In the medieval era, the world is in the midst of a nuclear apocalypse. The world was suddenly split into two halves: “Nowhere” and “Somewhere


Features Key:

  • Dungeon style level design
  • Good and epic tunes
  • Easy gameplay, and fun stories
  • Skill based attack system, and innate powers
  • Much of original artwork
  • Project Starship OST Game Key features:

    And what I can offer (difficult to say as it was done for pleasure):

    Project Starship OST Game Key features:

    • Dungeon style level design
    • Good and epic tunes
    • Easy gameplay, and fun stories
    • Skill based attack system, and innate powers
    • Much of original artwork






    Each unique Ship has a ship name, race, home planet, life signs, and weapon.
    Beyond that, the players can do as they wish (or as space makes possible) to alter the ship, to make it more powerful.

    For example, the wesern minstrel is a tank (disguised as light fictional), but it can be transformed into a Battle Axe.
    You can attack or avoid some NPC enemies, as the player will be a `Boss`.

    Then, several layers will be present, each a small story.
    So after defeating a number of enemies, you will be able to choose how you resolve the situation.

    For example, the encounter will change.
    I’m looking forward to hearing your comments.People enjoy a wide variety of activities that are dependent on a steady supply of potable water. One such activity is the commercial growth of plants and trees. Trees and plants require water for their growth. Products produced from plants and trees often require accurate measurements of water consumed during the growth process. Computerized plant and tree-growth systems are growing in popularity, and many desire to incorporate a plant or tree monitoring system into their computer-controlled plant growth systems. These systems, however, typically include a sensor that detects a factor commonly


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    Enter the realm of MageQuit: Wizards!

    “MageQuit: Wizards! is a wizard brawler about spell drafting and beard envy.

    MageQuit allows up to 10 wizards to battle it out online or locally. Beards grow longer with each kill; the wizard with the longest beard after 9 rounds wins!

    Play as teams, play against teams, play as individuals, play solo or play as a bot. Play as a Wizard, a Mage, or both!

    Craft spells, buy equipment, battle for the best beard!
    Become the last one standing!

    What made us start the project was a lack of a fun, cheap and easy browser based wizard brawler. So we made one. The game is fast, a bit glitchy and fun for everyone.

    Have fun!”

    System Requirements:
    – All recent versions of DirectX 11 and 12.
    – The latest versions of the RedStone3 Games Editor and the.NET Framework and set Windows to “1.3.1” and “Embedded Browsers” with “Standard User” rights.
    – Please make sure to disable any Anti-Virus or Firewall software for this game.
    – All Necessary Hardware: i7/i5 or even more.
    – 1 GB Graphics Memory.

    What’s New
    – Bugfix for the Ninja Wizard-Bot.
    – Bugfix for the Dynamite-Nuke spell.
    – Bugfix for the Eyeball-Splatter spell.
    – Bugfix for the Blind-Strike spell.
    – Regex for the Range spell to use short/long, and more conditions for use.
    – “Nuke” spell renamed to “Dynamite” for better language.
    – Spell “Runaway” renamed to “CrowdControl”.

    How to Install/Play MageQuit: Wizards!
    1. Add the browser plugin
    2. Download MageQuit and extract the files (create a folder MageQuit inside C:\Steam\steamapps\common\MageQuit)
    3. Extract the “preload.dll” file.
    4. Open a Steam client game, and launch MageQuit.exe.
    5. Go to the “Preferences” menu and enter the following:
    – “C:\Steam\steamapps\common\MageQuit\MageQuit.ini” in the text box



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    The basic mechanics for this game have been in existence for centuries, and some of the laws governing them have been in place since the beginning of the Earth’s existence, so we like to think that we have our bases covered. Still, as far as the laws of physics go, we like to think that we put the laws of physics on steroids, to paraphrase the great Jerry Montano and his culinary adventures.
    This ancient Chinese game of cups is all about trusting the laws of physics, knowing what’s going to happen, and letting the balls fall where they may. We have implemented these laws in a way that should be easy for anyone with a basic understanding of gravity and motion to understand and play without following the rules of the Universe, but also insulate you from any possible cheating.
    If you would like to learn how the Chinese have been playing this game for thousands of years, take a look at the following:

    The Art of the Game
    The ancient Chinese invented Ping Pong and discovered the laws of gravity, physics and motion thousands of years before people in Europe and North America, so there is a misconception that the Chinese Ping Pong ball came from another planet or is a mutation of some alien humanoid species from another planet. That’s not how it happened.
    You see, we have played this game for thousands of years, and we think we can come up with some interesting tweaks to how the game works. That’s why we have added a lot of detail and history to the game.
    5-Butt (Middle Mouse Button) – Move
    Wii Motion Plus (Triangle) – Spin
    Sternum – Shoot
    Enter – Pause
    Arrow Keys (All Modes) – (circle) Next cup
    X, A, S, D – Backspace
    Z, X, C, V – Pong cup
    *Note – We have disabled the Big Stick and Z barrel button because we think they should only be used in professional tournaments.
    1: Cup on the ground and some paddles ready to play.
    2: Now we have 5 cups ready to go.
    3: The other 10 players have come in and are throwing your balls around the room. It looks like they are challenging you in a 10 man and a two man pool tournament. The finals are about to begin.
    4: The final game is down to these 2 players.


    What’s new:

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