Stalking is communicating crime and it should not be gender biased but in our country stalking is held only against women. Stalking and harassing are not treated as serious crimes and due to the fear of being stalked many women and girls avoid getting out of their house. Stalking is unwanted and repeated surveillance by an individual or group toward another person. It may use overt and covert intimidation, threats, and violence to frighten its victims.


Section 354D of the Indian Penal Code deals with the offense of stalking. However, according to it, it can be an offence by a man against a woman. Stalking behavior can take many forms including; Any other behavior used to contact, harass, track, or threaten someone. Making threats against someone, or that person’s family or friends. Repeated physical or visual closeness, like waiting for someone to arrive at certain locations, following someone, or watching someone from a distance.


There is no particular mode but the option and ways through which one can stalk, some of them are as follows;

  • Threaten to sexual assault,

  • Trying to communicate forcefully,

  • Following the girls,

  • Abuse and harass parents and friends,

  • Visited home for unnecessary purpose and stood outside home,

  • Physical assault and threaten to physical assault,

  • Taking photographs,

  • Cyberstalking through social media and different apps.


As technology and digital platforms continue to grow, so do the chances that someone could interact with you in an unwanted, sexual manner. Some uses of technology to stalk include Posting threatening or personal information about someone on public internet forums. Video voyeurism, or installing video cameras that give the stalker access to someone without their knowledge or consent. Persistently sending unwanted communication through the internet, such as spamming someone’s email inbox or social media platform. Using someone’s computer and spyware to track their computer activity.

Cyberstalking is the use of computers or other electronic technology to facilitate stalking. Among the college students, Menard and Pincus found that men who had a high score of sexual abuse as children and narcissistic vulnerability were more likely to become stalkers. The male participants revealed the opposite, 16% were over stalkers while 11% were cyberstalkers.


To make a written complaint against the stalker to authorities of the workplace or legal cells created by the institution or corporation. To make a complaint in online grievance redressal where the women who do not want to come out in the light to lodge FIR, can file a complaint against stalking at the national commission for women. The commission thereafter deals with local police and starts looking up into the matter. To lodge FIR directly in the nearest police station. To make complaints in cyber cells which are established to register the cases and to provide expeditious redressal to the victims of cybercrime which specifically deal with internet-related criminal activity. To report to the websites and apps as most of the social media websites such as Instagram, Whatsapp, etc. Provides options for reporting the mischievous and unlawful activities of stalking and harassments. These websites are obliged under Intermediary Guidelines Rules, 2011 to act within 36 hours to disable information related to the offending content.


Stalking is illegal in most areas of the world, some of the actions that contribute to stalking may be legal, such as gathering information, calling someone on the phone, texting, sending gifts, emailing, or instant messaging. Stalking and harassing are not treated as serious crimes and due to the fear of being stalking many women and girls avoid getting out of their house. Whoever commits the offence of stalking shall be punished on first conviction with imprisonment of either description for a term which may extend to three years, and shall be liable to fine, and be punished on a second or subsequent conviction, with imprisonment of either description for a term which may extend to five years, and shall also be liable to fine

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