Space Heater Safety: A very important Update

Based on the National Fire Protection Association, space heaters (electric and non-electric) account for 33 % of all winter home fires. But, this statistic is misleading since it implies that a great amount of all space heaters are inherently unsafe; which isn’t the situation.

Instead, it is the incorrect use of the space heater, not the heater itself, that is responsible for a third of all winter house fires. And about one half of these fires are the result of getting the heating appliance too close to combustible things for example furniture, draperies, clothes and heater amazon

Naturally, defective heating products show up on the marketplace every so often, but a recall is a rare occasion.

For years, among the most essential electric heater safety strategies was to always plug it straight into the wall outlet and never ever use an extension cable. This warning given to power strips as well as surge protectors.

Nevertheless, just love standard medical wisdom changes from time to time (or maybe day-to-day), for that reason also does the thinking about best practices for space heater safety – at the very least based on a recently available investigative slice from the Fox News affiliate marketing in Indianapolis, Indiana.

While discussing space heater safety, one of the participants, heater amazon Larry Tracy of the Indianapolis Fire Department, made an interesting suggestion to stay away from one cause of space heater and fan combo –, heater fires.

According to Lt. Tracy, a space heater connected in the wrong way could very well take up a fire that could go unnoticed until it is far too late. He went on to explain: “They short out in the heater or they quick out possibly behind the wall, which you cannot notice. Next, the residents wind up going to snooze, later on, they have a fire situation.”

His solution to this potential hazard isn’t really to plug the heater straight into the wall outlet as previously advised, but instead plug it right into a surge protector equipped with an integrated circuit breaker.

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