Sorcerer Hunters

– What do you believe you will encounter in the wilderness?

I believe I will find a great hunter. A man who would kill for the sake of death. A hunter who would show me where I will find your friend.

Sorcerer Hunters 

If you are not afraid to go out in the wilderness, what do you need to make sure you are fully equipped?

need a bow and some arrows. A weapon that has a piercing point. I also need a cloak that would protect me from sunlight.

As for having your boots, what is your opinion on the amount of leather you should get?

I don’t believe they are necessary. I want to take care of my feet because of the fear of getting lost in a forest or a forest with a lot of hunters.

Step 4

In what type of shoes do you think you could travel comfortably?

If I take my soft boots, I could go out wearing them comfortably. I don’t really mind what kind of footwear I wear because I want to travel as fast as possible to get to him.

Step 5

– Do you have any gloves to protect you from the cold or wet weather?

I would take it if it’s cold or wet because of the hunters that I will meet.

Step 6

– What kind of clothing should you bring for yourself?

Do not bring any clothes with a lot of pockets. You would want to put a pouch in it so that it can hold the bow and the dagger.Step 7

– If you had to describe your favorite outfit for your trip, what would it be?

prefer to dress comfortably. I would take the large coat because the cloak would fall apart on me. And because my cloak would make me unnoticeable.

I would dress it up in front of my home so that I could get used to wearing it.

I would prefer blue because blue is like the color of rain, which reminds me of the color of your eyes.

– What type of clothing would you put on for hunting?

A hunter should not show his strength in front of hunters. He would like to dress up in an elegant fashion. So I would wear a hooded cloak that would cover my head and shoulders. I would wear leather shoes and thin leather pants.

Step 8

– As for the colors you would dress in, how about green or red?

I would wear green, which would be more fitting to bring to a hunter because it reminds me of the hunter from the last witch. He would carry me through the forest because of the belief that I would bring him great luck.

I would also wear a red coat, and it’s because of the color of the hunter’s bow.

That’s why I would wear the red coat for hunting.

Step 9

As for the clothing that you would carry in the backpack, what do you want to bring?

I would take it to protect me in case the hunters discover my small camp. The hunter from last night would also have a backpack with some supplies.

If the hunter comes to my camp, he would be protected from the sun.

I would also take it to protect myself from the hunters.

As for traveling with the bow and the dagger, I would take it to protect myself from huntersStep 10

– If you take your backpack and wrap it into a pouch, how would it look?

It will look as if the bag is empty. I would put the bow and the dagger inside the bag and leave it on my side.

I would also take my cloak and put it on my backpack.

Step 11As for the weapons that you would be carrying, what do you believe would be the most reliable?

I believe I will bring a large bow because it will take care of the hunters’ big, strong arms.

It would have a strong grip. It would be able to pull through their arms.

I would also bring a small dagger because it will protect me from hunters that will come closer.





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