SIM CARD SWAPPING – A NEW CYBER CRIME FRAUD by Harsh Chaturvedi @lexcliq


SIM trade is a type of a phishing trick presenting significant client and banking security dangers. By phishing or getting them from coordinated criminal organizations, the fraudster gains the bank information of an individual. These information are then utilized, including individual data from web-based media, to go about as a casualty for the versatile organization supplier and to fool them into dropping and reactivating the portable number of the casualty to a SIM. Thusly, all calls and messages to casualty’s number, even single passwords for banking exchanges, are redirected to a fraudster’s phone. The fraudster can conceivably get to the client’s ledger and move assets subsequent to accepting an OTP from the bank.

In this trick, a fraudster professes to be a client and contacts a remote specialist organization. They falsely pronounce that the SIM card connected with the casualty’s record has been annihilated or lost while imitating the person in question. In the event that fruitful, the casualty’s earlier SIM card will be eliminated, and another one held by the fraudster would be actuated. This empowers the fraudster to assume responsibility for the casualty’s mobile phone number and reroute all calls and instant messages to a gadget that contains the recently initiated SIM card.

To get data with respect to your proposed casualty prior to reaching a remote supplier, the fraudster typically participates in some sort of friendly designing to help answer wellbeing questions identifying with a casualty’s remote record. This can be cultivated by investigating the casualty’s web-based media profiles or getting data about them from other public sources. To get more touchy data that can be utilized to open their remote record, the individual looking to SIM trade may likewise send phishing messages to their conceivable casualty.


You may accept that it’s anything but a gigantic arrangement for somebody to get the entirety of your calls and messages at this stage. While this might be valid for certain perusers, most of us have enrolled our versatile numbers with banks and wallet specialist co-ops. Thus, a fraudster can quickly reset your web banking secret key or open another UPI or wallet account. On the off chance that the fraudster is truly clever, he may endeavor to reset your email secret word so you don’t get bank email alarms. Regardless of whether you have set two-factor validation (2FA), it will be delivered inadequate on the grounds that you won’t get any codes on your deactivated SIM card.

A year ago, on June 5, 2020, the Pune Cyber Police Station got an objection wherein the casualty was hoodwinked out of Rs. 18 lakhs because of SIM card swapping misrepresentation. In this occurrence, the casualty got a message from the fraudster, trailed by a call to overhaul his SIM card. The con artist mentioned that the casualty forward the instant message containing the OTP to another telephone number. Therefore, the fraudster cloned the casualty’s SIM card into his telephone, which was then initiated. Not exclusively did the fraudster access the casualty’s ledger, however an individual advance in the measure of 16.45 lakhs was additionally authorized in the casualty’s name a couple of days after the fact.


Fraudsters acquire your versatile no. furthermore, other ledger subtleties from Phishing, Vishing or Trojan/Malware assault or social designing.

At that point they ask the telecom specialist co-op for substitution of SIM on some affection like new handset to loss of SIM/handset.

Fraudsters may scheme with delegate of telecom administrator or produce counterfeit archives to get the copy SIM.

With the financial subtleties taken through Phishing or Trojan/Malware, fraudsters will get to and work your record and start monetary exchanges which you won’t know about since SMS alarms, installment affirmations, and so on will go to the fraudster.


Enquire with your versatile administrator in the event that you have no organization network and you are not getting any calls or SMSes for strangely significant stretches.

Try not to disregard messages sent from your organization supplier that feature a plausible SIM-Swap. Make sure to react rapidly to such messages.

Never switch off your cell phone in case of you getting various obscure calls. It very well may be a ploy to get you to kill your telephone and keep you from seeing an altered organization association.

Register for moment alarms (the two SMS and Emails) that illuminate you regarding any action in your financial balance.

Check your bank articulations as often as possible to distinguish inconsistencies.


On the off chance that your organization has been disconnected for more than 20-30 minutes for seemingly forever, know and get some information about it.

On the off chance that you get a SMS or email educating you that your sim trade demand has been gotten, contact your bank promptly and report the occasion. Sign in to your net financial record and change your passwords simultaneously, if conceivable.

Never give out the 20 digits on the rear of your sim card to any individual who is ever on the telephone. This line of 20 digits is fundamental for an effective sim switch.

Try not to react to any individual who requests an OTP or your record data.

Register for cautions (SMS and Email) so you will get an alarm in the event that you have any exercises on your financial balance.

Continuously check your bank articulations and your set of experiences of internet banking all together that any issues or irregularities can be distinguished.

In your telephone and PC, have solid passwords. Don’t just keep up simple passwords that others effectively devise.

On the off chance that a digital extortion happens, illuminate the digital cell quickly or it is fitting to record a FIR at the nearby police headquarters.

On the off chance that you’re not a tech trained professional, don’t root your telephone.

Try not to introduce your versatile or PC with unchecked applications. You can peruse your PC or telephone information with a few of these projects.

Try not to leave to a great extent your pivotal Xerox archives. Some of the time we feel that nothing will occur – except for appalling things are occurring!

When all is said in done, we accept that empowering two-factor verification, changing our PINs consistently, and not sharing our OTPs are satisfactory security strategies, and that we don’t should be worried about monetary robbery. Notwithstanding, we disregard the way that fraudsters are getting more brilliant, and they are continually making new techniques and strategies to bring casualties into their snare.


My name is Harsh vardhan chaturvedi. I belong to Agra (Uttar Pradesh). I am currently pursing B.Tech in Computer Science with LLB (Hons.) specialisation in Cyber Laws. I am a self motivated person. I have been in situations where i was not having any motivation to proceed further. Like choosing a branch such as cyber law where your parents are also not sure about the future of the branch. Motivating yourself to move further in this field of law is a great example of self motivation. A person who does not have any legal background motivating himself for this course which involves study of two different areas itself is a challenging task. I am very good at managing tasks as i have been the Event head of UURJA i.e fest of UPES. I try to take part in every activity whether it is curricular, co-curricular or extra curricular. I believe a person should not only focus on academics but also focus on other activities for overall development. I have great legal drafting skills. In my free time i love to portrait landscape . My hobbies includes travelling and photography. I believe travelling make you learn how one should never stop when they want to reach their goal. Travelling are challenging but one should never look back once started. Hence each treks and travel has always taught me something. I have always been a fan of movies which calms you down. I have a passion for everything i do and i believe this passion makes me going.

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