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With the Detroit Lions and Los Angeles Rams quarterback swap, we are going to see a lot of quarterbacks might change club. Rapoport Sunday has reported that other teams think the Raiders willing to trade Carr or Mali Horta.

Now the PM’s tactical status is the lowest career. This is not a bad thing for wild horses. Because his state is the worst level of career, and the last time I see him to play back to the rookie season. He came out of the previous game, 6 times and was copied by 5 times. In the top four of last year, he passed 8 times. It was 3 times, and the previous year was a 16-time reachaes 0 to be copied.

Jason Garret, Jason Garret, has been interviewed: “I think he is the kind of person you want, he has not been a bad moment, he strives to train, strive to return, all of which is very lonely, But he has maintained a firm belief every day, which is also very positive for people around you. “Until the last month’s recovery situation began to improve.

This kind of error is quite low-level, although reading before kicking is really easy to be confused, but it is not difficult to judge the true defense map of Viking people after the kick. This is a mistake of the rookie four-point guard.

According to cheap nfl Jerseys From china television network correspondent Ian – Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) reported that Marcus – Mali Horta (Marcus Mariota) attracted the attention of other teams. Mali Horta last year joined the Raiders as a backup quarterback, and won an opportunity to play in the season and played well.

In recent years, the wild horses that have always been attacking now seem to be a bit moving to the Haiying style. Now the wild horses can remain unbeaten to rely on their alliance’s first defensive group, and the four-guards can keep the victory. .

Howard does have the opportunity to achieve his goals in the new season. The bear’s offensive front line has the ability to discharge the top ten of the league, and the unstable situation of the four-guard position may mean that Howard will get more policies. Last season, the bear team ranked 25th in the rack of the scorpion, ranking No. 17, the scorpion code number ranked 22nd, taking into account the extent to which the bear team enhanced strength during the break, they will strive to strengthen the rush Ballility.

US Sunday, Dolphins Against the Games of the Jet, Run Frank Gore complete 5 yards, transcendentum Martin, becomes 14103 yards History fourth. Gore’s career scorpion code is only second only to Emitt Smith (Emmitt Smith) (18355), Walter Payton (16726) and Barry (15269) These three have been selected to celebrate the celebrities.

Gore is 49 people in 2005, three rounds of trimesters, 2006-2014, eight seasons in the nine seasons, more than a thousand yards, although the 2015 season did not extend this record, but he completed thousands of 2016 The code is advanced. It is more worth amazing that Gore has not lacking the game since 2010.

Howard is more impressive than Eliot’s new season that his midpere number is much less than the latter. In the entontricity of the Elliott, the number of ambitions in the Elliot of 5 times is about 5 times in the offensive system built into him (a total of 70 times in the season). Howard began to get a lot of opportunities to punch the ball in the end of October, when he got his chance so soon to become the eyes of the rival Bears defense group’s top offensive weapon.

Johnson: Rark is the best quarter-off me in my cooperationThe newly joined Indianapolis hippicon’s external hands Andre Johnson, I can’t help but praise the new partner in the interview, quadrota, Andrew Luck. On Wednesday, Johnson once again expressed his appreciation to Rak: “I think he may be the best in all four-point guards I work together. I am very excited to have a chance to work with him, I have been can’t wait to want and He work together, I will definitely learn a lot from him. “

The bear team runs to guard Huawa’s new season goal becomes a league number running guardBeijing June 16th, Jordan Howard hopes to continue the outstanding performance of the rookie season and continue to improve.

There is no doubt that Rac will be more excellent than them. Johnson also said in subsequent interviews: “I have been working in the same place for a long time. I have been really fried in the past two seasons. I can come to Pony, as I finally breathed fresh air.” The new season The letter continues to break through, Johnson also hopes to go farther with Lak.

Cowboy chose Smith in the second round, but because of the serious knee injury in the game before the draft, His Samis did not participate in the competition last year, he began to participate in a large number of activities in the team.

Let’s take a look at the quarter-saving sanctuary that Johnson has worked together: Ken Dorsey, Rex Grossman, Tom Savage, David David Carr, Tony Banks, Sagr, Rosenfels, TJ Yats, Jake Delhomme, Matt – Matt Leinart, Matt Schaub, Case Keenum, Ryan Mallet and Ryan Fitzpatrick.

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