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Throughout ancient times people from all corners of the world have worn different forms of jewelry. Jewelry-wearing trends keep changing occasionally, and many like to match their jewelry with their outfits. Some wear jewelry for various purposes. Jewelry is also made from different materials, which often determines their value.
If you are in Massachusetts and need stylish jewelry, Alex and Company provide a wide variety of unique and elegant jewelry to meet all your occasion needs. This guide highlights the different jewelry styles available at Newton jewelry stores.

Elegant jewelry pieces are available at various jewelry stores in Newton. 

1. Earrings

Both males and females often wear this jewelry type to decorate the ear. Various earring types and styles are available at many local jewelry stores going for different price tags depending on the material used to make them. Most earrings are worn in pierced earlobes; however, other ear areas can still be pierced to decorate the ear with earrings. Cartilage piercing is when a person pierces the upper part of the ear to insert through earrings.
Multiple earrings may be worn in one ear. You may also get other earrings that stick to the earlobe using magnets. These types of earrings don’t require piercings. The earlobe can accommodate larger hoops and long hanging earrings, making it the best area of the ear to pierce and decorate with earrings. Earring styles available at jewelry stores in Newton are made from different materials, including gold, silver, diamonds, plastic, or steel. The type of material used to design earrings determines their value.

2. Necklaces

For a long time now, people from various regions have viewed the wearing of necklaces as a prestigious gesture. Necklaces are other jewelry types available in many stores and are worn around the neck as decorative jewelry. Different materials are also used to create necklaces, including silver, gold, diamond, copper, steel, etc.
A necklace can either have a chain or a band design. A chain necklace may have a pendant, gem, or locket strung from it. Designs that necklaces come in include cultural patterns or western designs. Alex and Company design unique necklace pieces for events, ceremonies, or occasions. 

3. Bracelets

Bracelets are other jewelry types found in Newton jewelry stores and worn to compliment the wrist. They come in various design types that look exquisite. The most popular bracelet shapes include oval and round. Most bracelets are worn to symbolize different things on multiple occasions. Master jewelers carefully craft bracelets designed by Alex and Co. to meet the customer’s needs. Many have glittering and bright charms, making them perfect for casual events and ceremonies.
The types of bracelets found in many stores are pretty stylish and may be designed using beads or chains. Gemstones are also sometimes used to create bracelets. They should not be mistaken for bangles because bangles have a single rigid loop. Bracelets are also referred to as anklets. 

4. Rings

When proposing to your partner, make a big impression by buying custom design jewelry from Alex and Company jewelers. Newton jewelry stores have numerous types of rings that can be worn for various events or occasions. The various custom-designed engagement rings they often create make Alex and Company a reputable jewelry store in Massachusetts.
Most people love wearing multiple rings in one hand. You can count on Alex and Company for unique and stylish jewelry pieces to wear on all sorts of occasions. Some materials used to create rings include silver, platinum, white gold, gold, and diamonds. The diamond pieces used to make our rings are GIA – certified. This means that they are genuine, and their quality is assured.

Other Stylish Designs Available in Newton Jewelry Stores

1. Antique and vintage jewelry in Newton jewelry stores

Different designs play a significant role in making jewelry pieces unique. Jewelry designs found at Alex and Co. are diverse. In most cases, jewelry Needham MA is determined by the material used to make it and [the style. Antique jewelry is related to vintage jewelry. Although they are not always the same, their differences are temporary.
Antique and vintage jewelry is timeless and always stays in style. For a jewelry piece to be regarded as an antique, it has to be over a century old. Vintage jewelry is 50 years old or older. Wearing this type of jewelry requires a sophisticated outfit on a special occasion since it is expensive.


The type of jewelry you want to wear should compliment your physical appearance and your dress. Newton jewelry stores allow you to select various available custom-made jewelry and other jewelry styles. Each jewelry piece is designed to detail, allowing us to meet the needs of various clients. If you aren’t sure which jewelry piece will work well for you, our experts will guide you in selecting the perfect jewelry pieces for your occasion. 

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