Mostly all the time we people heard about sexual harassment in our mind only one thing comes and that is about sexual harassment of women only. But no not only women who are harassed but also men who are harassed.

So in this article I’m talking about sexual harassment of men. So sexual harassment happens to anyone any age of person, at any place, by anyone. But mostly in our country we have legislation about sexual harassment to the women only. But this is not enough. Not only women but also men can face the problem of sexual harassment but sometimes because of the natural human nature like what people think about them men are not coming forward and hesitate to tell the world about what happened to them. Most of the time sexual harassment done to men at their workplace by their male bosses or by female senior bosses but in our society there is a mind set of everyone that always men are bad and always women are innocent, but that thing is not good with every person. According to Roberta Chinsky Matuson “many people have thoughts that sexual harassment is also relating to women.”

There are a lot of instances of men where they are sexually harassed by targeting in comments with heavy sexual innuendo to being stalked. But as our culture if men are going to complaint about this they are not considered as Mards, so because of this they take all of this in way of fun not feel uncomfortable or take it as normal and not complain about it. Everyone thinks that for sexual harassment or for rape persons who have physical strength they are able to do such type of things and mostly in that case men have more strength then women. But sexual harassment means not only physical force but sometimes psychological force is also tends as sexual harassment. Some men are ready to do what their boss tells them to do because of their sake of job. Some seniors at workplace are blackmailed to the male workers to do what their seniors want because of the job because the male workers do not have any other substitute option unless to accept what their seniors want. This type of incidents is not only brutal men’s physical body also disturb them psychological and destroy their soul. Workplace sexual harassment is defined by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) as “unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature that explicitly or implicitly affect an individual’s employment, unreasonable interferes with an individual’s work performance; or creates an intimidating, hostile or offensive work environment.”

Weapon of terror in warfare is known as the rape of men by men.  So, other than at offices or workplaces male rape is also very common in prisons, schools, coaching centers, also sometimes at home. Rape cases remain unreported because of lacking in any legislation or statute According to Justice Krishna Iyer, “A murderer kills the body but a rapist kills the soul.”

I’m asking to you one question, that who will protect men from sexual harassment? We found no answers because in India we have so many legislation about sexual harassment or rape but all that laws talks about sexual harassment or rape to the women but not to the men. Only section is their which section 377 of Indian penal Code is which talks about ‘Sodomy’ except this section all section are meant only for females. We have article 14 Right to Equality in our Indian Constitution which talks about all the persons in this country have equal right whether they are female or male. So don’t you think that our Indian legislation or our Indian Judicial system are violating Article 14 of Indian Constitution, because if all the persons have the equal rights so we don’t have any legislation upon sexual harassment or rape of men?

Now it’s a time that we have to make some amendments in our legislation and add on legislation about sexual harassment to men. Because of the lack of laws relating to sexual harassment a lot of men keep quiet, they don’t talk about to people about what is happening to them and sometimes they do suicide. And according to reports ratio of suicide by men at their workplace is 4 times more than women at their workplace because of sexual harassment. There is also an online sexual harassment. According to the PEW research statistics 2014, 25% of women and 13% of men between the ages of 18 to 24 have experienced sexual harassment while online.  So many countries have accepted the gender neutral laws including U.K., Denmark, Australia, U.S. and approximately 70 more countries. But till now India is not accepting the gender neutral laws upon sexual harassment.   The problem of sexual harassment is also taking place in the prisons. According to G Pramod Kumar, The People’s Union of Civil Liberties had this to say about Tihar way back in 1981: “When a young boy enters, the prisoners have been known to have bid a price for the boy. The price offered is in terms of ‘bidis’, soap or charas. Often prisoners have been divided into camps and the groups have fought each other on the issue of who shall have the new entrant”.

The people of our society need to change their minds and also accept the reality that all men are not strong, they are also human beings and they also have feelings. Men are also facing the sexual harassment. There are a lot of belief that men cannot be raped so its high time to understand that women can rape. Today’s generation are likely understand what they can watch, so let me tell you mostly all of you have watched movie named Aitraaz, if we take that example so in that movie there is a case of sexual harassment of men and that also by a women. Women are not always innocent or soft they can also take some drastic steps and harass men at their workplace because nowadays harassing by female bosses to their male employees are very common. Sexual harassment is not always about gender or sex this is also about the power. And in today’s age who have powers they have right to do whatever they want to do. In workplace if a women have a power so she can do whatever she wants to do.





If we ever consider why sexual harassment of men remained unreported? We don’t have any particular date about how many men are getting sexually harassed or how many out of them have complaint about that thing. Why men are not coming forward and do a complaint about what happened to them, have you ever thought about this question?  Answer is that Men are maybe afraid about that their co-workers are mocked them. Another point is society will think that women cannot do a sexual harassment of men or if it is done by men then there is a question arises about his sexuality so because of this reason also men are not going to complaint about what happened to them. Men are thinking that they are going to be feminized as our Indian mentality is. There are mostly no case laws relating to sexual harassment to the men because they are afraid. Because upbringing of boy in an Indian family is like they are not humans but robots. If they cry at little-little things family tells that why are you crying like a girl? So in our Indian civilization there is a myth that men can never feel pain. So because of this reason there are mostly no complaint filed against the wrongdoer in the case of sexual harassment to men. And if the victim wants to fled a complaint so in that case there family members stopped them and not allowed them to do a complaint.

In 2013, the Center passed its stop-gap Criminal Law (Amendment) Ordinance on the recommendations of the Justice Verma Committee, which substituted “sexual assault” for “rape” and made the crime gender-neutral from the aspect of both perpetrators and victim. However, the changes introduced in the Ordinance were reversed with the Criminal Law (Amendment) Act through active lobbying by Women’s Groups. They argued that Rape was an explicitly patriarchal crime. However, our definition of rape needs to progress from non-consensual penile-vaginal interactions to non-consensual penetrative-orifice interactions.  Slowly India is also learning and understanding that women are not only the victims of sexual harassment, but men are also. Wipro Technologies has a gender-neutral Prevention of Sexual Harassment Committee (PSHC) that conducts an unbiased inquiry into each complaint. Infosys, Bangalore also boasts of a gender-neutral Internal Complaints Committee. While this is a step in the right decision, all men, and not just employees of these companies, deserve to be protected against any kind of sexual harassment. This is only possible through a legislation that makes Sexual Harassment Law in the Workplace gender neutral. Till then, more companies need to recognize the need for accepting complaints from men.

How we can help the men who are getting raped. It’s a high time we have to help the persons who are going through with this. We should stop judging people and we have to change mentality of our society that men are not robot they also have feelings and they also feel pain. If any person is going through with this we have to help them and if the sexual harassment is done in the office so the co-workers should help that person mentally and physically and also stop bullied that person. And if the sexual harassment is done at the prison so the jailor of that prison should heard the complaint about victim and tried to his best to punish to the accused.  Sometimes the accused are mentally disturb so for them there is a also facility available for counselling. In this situation the family members, friends, relatives, society of accused person has to understand their situation and help them and not judge them.

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