Seven Common Misconceptions About Credit Reporting and your Credit Score

For numerous years, FAIR ISAAC, the creator of the FICO credit score maintained customers in the dark regarding the existence of Review the Best Credit Repair Service – My Web Page, credit scores of theirs.fix your credit scores Even now, finding out how credit scoring works is a secretive science for most people. A reason why 61 million Americans have subprime credit scores (ranging from 500 to 649) is the fact that credit bureaus are in the business of marketing “negative’ information. Thus, the more illiterate individuals are about credit bureau methods, the less creditworthy they are to possible lenders. HOWEVER……The following seven misconceptions as well as facts will give you a much wider perspective about dealing with your credit standing:

Misconception #1: “Personal info can’t be deleted from a credit report.”

Fact: Even if it is a bankruptcy, any credit information that’s not 100 % complete, exact, or verifiable could be erased from your credit profile. This continues to be the situation since passage of the Fair Credit Reporting Act, a federal law decreed by Congress in October 26, 1970 that allows you to argue just about any inaccurate info on your credit report from the party which found it. When you file a dispute, the furnisher must re-investigate the dispute of course, if the information is found to be inaccurate, incomplete, or even may not be verified, they must completely delete it from your credit file.

Misconception #2: “Payment past makes up your consumer credit score.”

Fact: Many people believe that the “payment history” is what makes up their credit scores. Nevertheless, your bill paying habit simply makes up 35 % the scoring. A next category, the “debt-to-credit’t ratio” (the ratio of the bank account balance to the credit limit) of its, makes up yet another thirty %. A 3rd category, “length of credit history” (the age of the accounts) of yours, counterbalances 15 %. A fourth group, “number of tough inquiries” (new recognition applications), makes up 10 %. Lastly, the “diversity of accounts”, including revolving accounts (credit cards) and installment accounts (student loans; auto loans) counterbalances the remaining ten %. Consequently, all 5 categories weigh in on the final numeration of yours.

Misconception #3: “You have just one consumer credit score.”

Fact: Each credit bureau assigns you an alternative credit score, each ranging from 300 to 850 points. Equifax utilizes the BEACON score, Trans Union utilizes the EMPIRICA score, along with Experian utilizes the FICO score.

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