SESSIONS OF PARLIAMENT – by Shubhangi Singh @lexcliq


It consists of President, Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha. Lok Sabha is also known as Lower House or the House of People, where as Rajya Sabha is known as upper house or Council of States. The main function of Parliament is to formulate laws for the whole country. The laws belong to the subjects of Union List. When a bill passes through both the house, with required majority, it is sent to the President for his/her assent. A bill converts into law when it receives the assent of the President. President of India is the first citizen of the nation. He/She is also commander in chief along with being the head of the State. 


A session of Indian Parliament is the time period during which it is a compulsion for the Parliament to conduct the sessions to manage their responsibilities of formulating and amending laws according to the changing times and needs. The Process of calling all the Member of Parliament, is know as Summoning of Parliament. It is the President who summons the Parliament.

In General there are three sessions conducted –

  1. Budget Session – it is conducted between February and May
  2. Monsoon session – it is conducted between (\July to September
  3. Winter session – it is conducted between November to December


  • Every session of it starts after the President have addressed both the Houses of Parliament. This addresal is known as “Motion of Thanks”. It is one of the most crucial session as it is in this session, the Parliament passes the budget.
  • According to Article 112 of Indian Constitution, Union Budget is an an annual financial statement with estimated receipts of the government along with estimated expenditure during a particular period.Union Budget keeps the account of the government’s finances for the fiscal year that runs from 1st April to 31st March. 
  • Budget is presented on the last date of February in the Lok Sabha by the Finance Minister. 


  • This session is conducted from the months of July to September every year. The Parliamentarians discuss those matters which are of utmost importance in the public interest. 
  • It is conducted after a break of two months after the budget session.


  • The winter session of Parliament is conducted every year from mid-November to mid-December . It is the shortest session of Parliament. It takes up the matters that could not be considered upon earlier and makes up for the absence of legislative business during the second session of the Parliament.


  • Since, India has a bicameral legislature at the central level, there might be situations in which a deadlock can occur between Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha.
  • Our Constitution makers were farsighted, as they foresaw the situations in which a deadlock might occur between the two houses of the Parliament, because of which a bill cannot become a law.
  • Therefore the constitutional mechanism to break this deadlock was joint setting, headed by the Speaker of Lok Sabha, or in his/her absence by the deputy Speaker of the Lok Sabha. In the absence of deputy Speaker of Lok Sabha, it can be headed by the Deputy Chairman of Rajya Sabha. If any of the above-mentioned people are not available, any Member of Parliament (MP) can preside over the sitting by consensus of both Houses
  • The joint sitting is summoned by the President to solve the deadlock between the two houses on the bills.
  • The quorum to constitute a joint sitting: 1/10th of the total number of members of the House.


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