Separation of powers by Vaibhav Sharma @Lexcliq

Separation of power is a concept of Administrative Law. Before separation of power there was the concept of Absolute Monarchy . Absolute monarchy was the system which is adopted by the the world which gives one single person the power to run a state . EX- A king or A Queen.

Later the concept of separation of power is propounded by Jurist Montesquieu  and was founded by jurist Aristotle. Which is the alternate to the monarchy system.

Separation of powers, division of the legislativeexecutive, and judicial functions of government among separate and independent bodies. Such a separation, it has been argued, limits the possibility of arbitrary excesses by government, since the sanction of all three branches is required for the making, executing, and administering of laws.

Three Tier Machinery of  State Government-

It is unthinkable for any of the organs to play out every one of the capacities efficiently and properly. So for the legitimate working of the forces, the forces are circulated among the lawmaking body, chief and legal executive. Presently we should delve into the further subtleties of the working of every organ.

  • Legislative

The primary capacity of the council is to institute a law. Instituting a law communicates the desire of the State and it additionally goes about as the car to the self-rule of the State. It is the reason for the working of chief and legal executive. It is spotted as the primary spot among the three organs in light of the fact that until and except if the law is outlined the working of executing and applying the law can be worked out. The legal executive go about as the warning body which implies that it can give the ideas to the assembly about the outlining of new laws and change of certain enactment yet can’t work it.


  • Executive

It is the organs which are answerable for executing, completing or implementing the desire of the state as express by the constituent gathering and the council. The chief is the regulatory top of the public authority. It is called as the fountainhead of the public authority since, in such a case that the leader laugh out loud, the public authority exhaust as it gets imbalanced. In the restricted sense, leader incorporates top of the priest, counsels, departmental head and his pastors.


  • Judiciary

It includes  to those public officials whose obligation is to apply the law outlined by the assembly to singular cases by mulling over the guideline of regular equity, reasonableness. Judiciary has the special power of Judicial review to review any law made by the Legislatures.


Separation of power brings Balance in governing the State and also decreases Arbitrariness.


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