Section 94 CPC – Code of Civil Procedure – Supplemental Proceedings.

Section 94 CPC Description
In Order to prevent the ends of justice from being, defeated the Court may, if it is so prescribed,-

(a) issue a warrant to arrest the defendant and bring him before the Court to show cause why he should not give security for his appearance, and if he fails to comply with any Order for security commit him so the civil prison;

(b) direct the defendant to furnish security to produce any property belonging to him and to place the same at the disposal of the Court or Order the attachment of any property;

(c) grant a temporary injunction and in case of disobedience commit the person guilty thereof to the civil prison and Order that his property be attached and sold;

(d) appoint a receiver of any property and enforce the performance of his duties by attaching and selling his property;

(e) make such other interlocutory Orders as may appear to the Court to be just and convenient.


(i) Provisional admission in post?graduate medical course should not be normally granted in absence of special reason; U.P. Junior Doctors? Action Committee v. Dr. B. Sheetal Nandwani, AIR 1992 SC 671.

(ii) Supreme Court will abstain from passing interlocutory Order if it has effect or tend to be susceptible of an inference of pre-judging some important and delicate issue in main matter; Sub?Committee of Judicial Accountability v. Union of India, AIR 1992 SC 63.


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