What Is Poverty?

Poverty is a state or condition in which a person or community lacks the financial resources and essentials for a minimum standard of living. Poverty means that the income level from employment is so low that basic human needs can’t be met. Poverty-stricken people and families might go without proper housing, clean water, healthy food, and medical attention. Each nation may have its own threshold that determines how many of its people are living in poverty.

Main Reasons for Poverty in India.:-

Increasing rate of rising population.

Decreasing productivity in agriculture.

Less utilization of resources.

A short rate of economic development.

Increasing price rise.


Shortage of capital and able entrepreneurship.

Social factors.

Matter before SC on tuesday, 27 july ,2021.

PIL Filed By Kush Kalra before The Supreme Court.
Two prayers were made:

(1) seeking to restrain beggars and vagabonds or those who are homeless from begging at traffic junctions, in markets and public places to avoid the spread of COVID-19 pandemic across India,

(2) to rehabilitate the beggars.

While looking at this matter we can say that this matter is worth considering. Actually begger dont have a place to live. And while conisdering the spread of this Covid. Virus it is necessary to talk about the people who are under the line of poverty. But putting restraints over begging cannot be done. We all know that nobody likes to beg, it’s just because of the harsh circumstances that gives us no choice but to beg for money. Well it is an economic menace if we look at it. And hard to overcome.
People who dont have money to buy food or or roof on thier head. It is hard to expect that they can get vaccinated by themselves.
Not taking proper care of the beggers can become a problem while overcoming the covid spread.

Well while considering this PIL by the Supreme Court. The court looked into the issues raised by the petitioner.

Justice Chandrachud said,

“Your first prayer is to restrain people from being on the streets. Why do people beg on the street ? It’s a function of poverty. As the Supreme Court, we will not take an elitist view. They have no choice. Nobody wants to beg”

“This is a wider issue of social welfare policy from the Government. We can’t say that “keep them away from our eyes”. If we issue notice, it would mean we want that” added by him.

Senior Advocate Chinmoy Sharma, appearing for the petitioner, submitted that the actual prayer of the petitioner was to rehabilitate the beggars and to ensure vaccination for them to protect them from the pandemic.”

The Order Dictated By The Bench Reads As Follows:-

“The manner in which prayer A has been drafted seems to restrain beggars/vagabonds from traffic junctions and streets from spreading COVID-19. The latter part is to rehabilitate them so as to ensure basic amenities are available to them. At the outset, we have indicated that the Court is not inclined to countenance a prayer seeking a direction in the above terms.”

“The reason why people are required to take to the streets to beg is to eke out an elementary livelihood in the absence of education and employment. It’s a social-economic problem and cannot be remedied in this way.”

“The learned senior counsel appearing for the petitioner has submitted that he is not for the pressing of prayer A and that the Petitioner seeks rehabilitation of the persons affected. In the context of the pandemic, it has been stated that there’s a need to vaccinate them.”

“In view of the clarification issued, we are inclined to issue notice. However, we grant liberty to the Petitioners to amend the prayer accordingly. Issue notice. Immediate issue is to ensure vaccination of the persons and that the facilities for pandemic are available. We direct the Union and Delhi to file a response on how to deal with this human situation. Solicitor-General can assist the Court”

The Court will hear the matter after two weeks.


Well the first prayer of the Petitioner is to put restraints on the beginning. If we talk about a society where nobody begs for food or money it is very hard to imagine. And yes once in a lifetime we all have always wanted India to be a country where nobody begs.

But putting a restraint on begging is not a solution to this problem. Like if we assume that the Supreme court made such an order that puts permanent or temporary restraints on such people who beg. Such an order will become a nightmare for the judicial system.

The real question will arise: how will they fulfill their primary human needs? Even if we today make such a law today, then tomorrow people will find such an order based on random choice or personal whim, rather than any reason or system and this puts our judiciary in a bad place.

But rehabilitation is a good idea if we think about it. If we think about it in a normal scenario (without Covid pandemic) rehabilitating the beggars can help us. Well we have alway put our mind to making India better. But I think it can be a better start to concentrate on our faults like (poverty , unemployment, etc) and many main reasons for poverty. Sooner or later we eventually will have to find a cure for poverty.

Thank you for reading.


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