Sample Draft Petition on Mutual Divorce

In the court of Shikha Gupta, family judge at Shahdara

Petition no._____of____

Vinay kumar S/O Ajay kumar                                                                                                           ( Petitioner no. 1 )                     R/O Shankar nagar, Shahdara


Smita Rani W/O Vinay kumar                                                                                                           ( Petitioner no. 2 )                   R/O Shankar nagar, Shahdara


Most respectfully submitted as under:-

1. That the marriage between the party was solemnized on 15 November 2015 at Shahdara by Hindu rites and ceremonies. After that parties cohabitated as a couple at the matrimonial home that is 235, Shankar nagar, Shahdara.

2. That the petitioners have no issue from the said marriage.

3. That the parties could not adjust with each other due to temperamental differences and their marriage has broken down and now it is not possible between the parties to live as husband and wife anymore.

4. That the efforts of reconciliation between the parties to continue the present marriage had failed and there are no further chances of reconciliation between the parties anymore.

5. That the parties have now decided to dissolve the marriage legally through a decree of divorce on mutual consent. The parties have settled all their claims, counter claims etc. wife has received her entire stridhan, maintenance etc. and there is no due with regard to any other claim between the parties now.

6. That the matrimonial home of the parties was at Shahdara hence, this court has the jurisdiction to grant the decree of divorce as prayed for.

7. That there is no legal impediments in grant of the decree of divorce between the parties on the basisof mutual consent.


It is most respectfully prayed that the court may accept the present petition and grant the decree of divorce between the parties thereby, dissolving the marriage between the parties.

Any other order which the court may deem fit & proper in the facts & circumstances of the present case can also be passed in favor of the petitioners.

Petitioners                                                                                                                                                                                            Through Counsel


We the petitioners above named, do hereby solemnly declare and say that what is contained in paragraphs above is true to be the best of our knowledge.

07 October 2020                                                                                                                                                                                       ( Shahdara )                                                                                                                      Petitioner no.1       Petitioner no. 2


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Draft and Documents

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