Russia warned of a possible shortage of winter diesel

President of the Russian Fuel Union Evgeny Arkusha , in an interview with Sputnik radio, spoke about the risk of a shortage of winter diesel in the Russian Federation, despite the stability of the fuel market.

“The situation with winter diesel, that is, with frost-resistant grades of diesel fuel, causes some concern. There have always been problems with him in our country, he has always been lacking, ”said the head of the union.

He warned that there could also be some difficulties this year. According to Arkusha, middle distillates or diesel fuel substitutes helped in the past, but now there are almost none of them on the domestic market, they are all exported.

Russian manufacturers continue to export winter diesel, and in large quantities. Because of this, wholesale and retail prices for diesel fuel in Russia are significantly higher than for gasoline, he said. The head of the union pointed out that this is “generally not normal.”

In his opinion, it is possible to prevent a shortage of frost-resistant diesel grades on the Russian market by purchasing this type of fuel in Belarus. Arkusha noted that the issue of supplies is already being discussed.

Earlier it was reported that the stock price for diesel fuel in the European part of Russia has updated its historical maximum and reached a record 56,769 thousand rubles. per ton, an increase of 0.94%.

Deputy, deputy head of the LDPR faction in the State House and chairman of the social policy committee Yaroslav Nilov proposed to the head of the Central Bank Elvira Nabiullina to change the provisions of the Fast Payment System by removing the limit on transfers without commission between their accounts of individuals, RIA Novosti reports .

“We propose to introduce an additional option in the operation of the Fast Payment System – unlimited and free transfers for individuals between their accounts in different credit institutions. At the same time, all current limits on transfers without commission between the accounts of different individuals can be preserved,” the letter says.

Nilov argues that this measure will be able to increase confidence in the Russian financial system.

“During the period of international political turbulence and large-scale sanctions, Russian citizens were deprived of some of the financial opportunities and tools to preserve and increase savings <…> At the same time, individual Russian banks began to introduce their own additional commissions for transferring money from one credit institution to another, which, on our opinion, excessively restricts the financial freedom of citizens,” Nilov said.

The Russians were told which of them will increase salaries from October 1

The Russians were told which of them will increase salaries from October 1,56745839.html,56745835.html

Earlier, analysts from the SuperJob high-paying job search service conducted a study in which areas there are more vacancies and how salaries have changed. According to the results, the demand for personnel in the transport and logistics industry in the first half of 2022 is higher than in the same period of 2021. At the same time, salary offers in the transport and logistics industry have grown by 9% since February.

Earlier, the Bank of Russia stated that they do not plan to increase the limit of free transfers in the SBP.

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