Russia and Turkey are looking for alternatives to Mir

Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan instructed the ministers to develop, in cooperation with the Russian Federation, alternatives to the Mir payment system. Large Turkish banks refused to conduct transactions with Russian NSPK cards, fearing sanctions from Washington and London. The State Duma suggested that the basis of the alternative system would be the same Mir.
An alternative to the cards of the Mir payment system in Turkey will most likely be based on the National Payment Card System ( NSPK ) and Mir itself. Anatoly Aksakov , Chairman of the State Duma Committee on the Financial Market, stated this in a conversation with Gazeta.Ru .

“I think that in any case we will have to use the infrastructure of the World map, since it is the best world standard. The Turks do not have such a card, by the way. And if created, then on the basis of the Mir card, on the basis of the NSPK (National System of Payment Cards),” the deputy said.

“Of course, the Turks are interested. They acquire a partner who has high technology, at the level of the most advanced world standards. And in this regard, Turkey does not lose anything. I think this option is probably possible. And it is quite possible that he will suit our side, ”Aksakov noted.

The deputy said that Russia is ready to share its technologies, but will defend its interests.

“The Mir system is working and efficient. We quickly implemented it – within a year it began to work at a fairly serious pace,” he summed up.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is due to hold meetings today on the issue of replacing the Mir system. According to the A Haber TV channel, Turkish departments have already turned to the Russian authorities at the ministerial level with a proposal to create an alternative to the Mir system, and negotiations have begun.

As Erdogan himself told reporters, Turkey is looking for alternatives to the “Mir” card, considering the options available

“We will focus not only on events with the card, but also on alternatives. We will continue to work on what we can do, what steps to take, what options we have in our hands,” Erdogan told reporters.

American threats
The United States is threatening Turkish banks with sanctions for using Russia’s Mir payment system, Turkish newspaper Yeni Şafak reported September 23.

“The United States, which does not hesitate to interfere in relations between Ankara and Moscow , is threatening Turkish banks with sanctions for using the Russian payment system Mir,” the publication says.

Ankara’s position, which only recognizes UN international sanctions , has remained unchanged for many years. Three Turkish banks – Ziraat, Halkbank and Vakifbank, with which the majority of Mir cardholders cooperate, continue to accept them, the publication says.

The US Treasury said earlier that third-country banks that enter into agreements with Russia’s National Payment Card System (NSPK) “risk supporting Moscow’s efforts to circumvent sanctions.” Washington has not yet imposed sanctions against the NSPK as such, but they have been imposed on the head of the Mir payment system operator Vladimir Komlev .,56867675.html,56867673.html!–watch-mayweather-vs-asakura-live-streaming-107tsq25Qa朝倉未来-中継-無料-tv-107tsq25Uf朝倉未来-中継-無料-tv-107tsq25Ui放送朝倉未来vs生放送-2022-年-9-月-25-日-107tsq25Uk公式–rizinvs朝倉-生配信生放送-無料配信-2022年9月-107tsq25Un視聴配信-朝倉未来対-放送無料-超rizin&riz-107tsq25Yn

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The head of NSPK Komlev said that there is no “catastrophic” decrease in the volume of payments on Mir cards in Turkey, but the number of points where they accept Russian cards of this system has decreased.

“[Turkey] is the most painful topic. Of our five partner banks, two banks are commercial banks. They suspended cooperation, we were notified about this,” said the manager of the NSPK.

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