Rule of Strict Liability

The rule of strict legal responsibility become laid down withinside the yr 1868. According to this rule, in this situation, it become laid down that any individual preserving any unsafe substance on his premises might be held responsible if that substance escapes from there and harms others. At that factor in time, it’d be irrelevant, that whether or not the defendant has taken due care whether or not he become negligent or now no longer. Under this precept, the individual might be held responsible even supposing he had taken right care, furnished there are positive exceptions beneathneath which defendant can run off his legal responsibility. 

Moving in the direction of the records of this situation, the defendant were given a reservoir built on his land for the motive of presenting water to the mill. The paintings become performed through an impartial contractor. There become an vintage disused shaft beneathneath the webweb page which the contractor didn’t observe and subsequently did now no longer block it. As the water become crammed into the reservoir there has been a blast thru the shaft and the ensuing become that the water flooded from defendant’s assets to plaintiff’s coal mines on adjacent land. It become held that because the reservoir become constructed at defendants personal danger he become, made accountable for harm so occurred to the plaintiff.

While giving judgement it become held that if any individual brings any unsafe substance on his land, and if that substance is possibly to motive a few harm that is risky if get away then such individual might be held responsible, even supposing he had taken right care and hadn’t been negligent in preserving the substance at his place. Based in this judicial decision, the idea of strict legal responsibility got here in vogue. There are positive crucial situations to be fulfilled to categorize a legal responsibility beneathneath strict legal responsibility.


1. Dangerous Thing

As in line with this rule, whatever that escapes from the land of 1 individual motive harm to any other might be responsible beneathneath this precept, furnished that the matters that have been saved have to be risky i.e. the matters which if escapes might motive harm. As withinside the case of Rylands vs. Fletcher, the element which become risky in this situation become a massive quantity of water being stored. However, noxious fumes , explosives , flag-pole and so forth also are taken into consideration as risky in different instances wherein the guideline of thumb has been made applicable.

2. Escape

For the software of this precept, it’s also important that the harmful item so saved have to additionally get away from the premises of the defendant which ends up in a loss or harm to the assets of plaintiff. However, if a few incident occurs because of the plaintiff’s personal fault then the defendant won’t be held responsible. Like if for instance, wherein the livestock of plaintiff eats toxic leaves of a plant, planted through a plaintiff in his personal premises which now no longer even escapes from his premises then if livestock die through ingesting such leaves defendant won’t be held responsible.

In case of Read vs. Lyons & Co., the plaintiff become an worker beneathneath defendant’s ammunition factory. While she become appearing her test withinside the defendant’s premises a shell which become synthetic the blast. As a result, the plaintiff suffered an injury. It become held that the defendant become now no longer held responsible because the twist of fate befell withinside the premises of the defendant.

3. Non-Natural use of Land

Another crucial circumstance for the defendant to be held responsible beneathneath this precept it’s also important that there have to be the non-herbal use of land. As in Rylands vs. Fletcher case, using water in one of these massive quantity become the non-herbal use of land, storing water in typical quantity doesn’t cause any non-herbal use. That is, for the use to be non-herbal it need to be for unique motive brings with it expanded threat to others. As withinside the case of Sochacki vs. Sas it become held that the hearthplace in a residence in a grate is an everyday, herbal use of the fireside in a room. If this hearthplace spreads to the adjacent premises, the legal responsibility beneathneath the stern legal responsibility rule can’t arise. As it’s miles the herbal use of land.


Exceptions to the subsequent rule are:

1. Plaintiff’s personal default

Damage because of the get away because of the plaintiffs personal may be taken into consideration as a terrific defence. That is, if the plaintiff suffers harm through his personal intrusion into the defendant’s assets then he has no proper to whinge approximately the harm so triggered. Like withinside the case of Ponting vs. Noakes there the pony of the plaintiff died due to nibbling the leaves of toxic timber planted at defendants land. It become contended that the pony intruded in defendants’ assets wherein he ate leaves and consequently defendant won’t be held accountable for the same.

Moreover, if the harm suffered through the plaintiff become now no longer due to get away however because of its disability to address for the duration of its ordinary nature additionally then additionally the defendant won’t be held responsible. As in case of Eastern and South African Telegraph Co. Ltd. vs. Capetown Tramways Co. wherein the defendant’s submarine cable transmission become disturbed due to the get away present day from the defendant’s tramways. Thereafter it become located that such won’t have befell in everyday business, because the plaintiff’s equipment become sensitive. Their protection become now no longer held responsible. It become additionally contended that the plaintiff can’t growth the legal responsibility of his neighbor through making use of his making use of his personal assets to big uses.

2. Act of God

It has usually been taken into consideration that wherein an incident takes place because of an unforeseeable occasion, which human frame can’t have any manipulate over it, then in such situations the individual can’t be held liable for any legal responsibility springing up or any incident takes place there out of it. As held withinside the case of Nichols vs. Marsland which serves as a terrific instance for the Act of God. In this situation, the defendant made synthetic lakes over his land through damming up herbal stream. That yr there has been uncommon rain which has in no way befell withinside the human history. Due to heavy rain the lakes over flooded and has triggered harm to plaintiff’s assets. It become held that the defendant couldn’t be made accountable for the occasion so occurred become unexpected and consequently the defendant couldn’t be held responsible beneathneath the guideline of thumb of strict legal responsibility.

3. Consent of plaintiff

Where the plaintiff has voluntarily consented to go through the damage for the not unusualplace gain of each then at that scenario the defendant won’t be held responsible. That is, if the plaintiff voluntarily has given consent to put in such risky item at the defendant’s land then at that scenario the defendant won’t be held accountable for the loss suffered through the plaintiff. As withinside the case of, Carstair vs. Tayloras withinside the case of there has been a double storied constructing, wherein the plaintiff received a floor ground of the constructing and the defendant received the primary ground. There become a leakage of water from the higher ground of the constructing which the plaintiff and defendant each have agreed to store. The defendant become at no fault for leakage. Due to the leakage plaintiff true have been harm. It become held that the defendant couldn’t be made accountable for the harm because it become the consented act.

4. The act of the third party

If the harm is suffered through the defendant with out the fault of the defendant however because of the 0.33 party, who become neither defendant’s servant nor become in any relation to defendant then beneathneath the ones situations if any harm is suffered through plaintiff defendant won’t be held responsible. As withinside the case of Box vs. Jabb wherein there has been an overflow of water from defendant’s reservoir inflicting harm to the plaintiff. It become found out that the overflow so occurred become because of the blockading of drain performed through the stranger i.e. the 0.33 party. The defendant become now no longer held responsible beneathneath strict legal responsibility rule.

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