In a democratic country, many people understand the term rule of law as a state of affairs in which there are legal barriers in order to safeguard and protect the individuals and provide procedural as well as legal transparency.
The rule of law implies absolute supremacy of regular law and ensures that individuals can be certain about the legal pass available to them if their fundamental rights are influenced or violated. This concept was formulated by AV Dicey in the 19th century. He mentioned that it implies equality of all classes to the ordinary law of the land as administered by the courts. It does not accept anyone no matter rich or poor or person from power from the duty of obeying the law that governs citizens.


  • Supremacy of Law.
  • Concept of Justice.
  • Absence of discretionary power
  • Doctrine of precedent
  • Independent judiciary
  • Exercise of legislative power
  • Restrictions on powers used by legislative and executive.

The concept of rule of law is closely associated with the principles of justice in governance and ensures that accountability is formed and rights are enforced. It also ensures that they would be prevention of offenses in offenses are conducted then there would be punishment for the same. Rule of law is applicable both at the National as well as international level as it states that no one is above the law

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