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RSS Feed Viewer is an intuitive Adobe Air tool that lets you view RSS feeds in a user-friendly environment, as the name implies. It can be used by beginners and experts alike.
The interface of the application is represented by a regular window with a well-organized layout, where you can easily add a new feed to the list by writing its URL or by importing OPML files.
The primary window is divided into four panes. Therefore, you can access feeds by their website name or by published time (e.g. today, last month, older).
But you may also check out the title, time and date for each feed, as well as effortlessly view content in the reading pane.
It is possible to open a feed in a new tab or in the web browser, show a summary of each feed, view only unread feeds, export the OPML list, empty the cache and reset the window's state.
From the Preferences panel you can make the tool minimize to the system tray area and automatically run at system startup, among others.
RSS Feed Viewer supports keyboard shortcuts for easy navigation, has a good response time to key strokes and mouse commands, and uses a moderate amount of CPU and system memory. We have not encountered any problems throughout our evaluation, since the program did not hang, crash or pop up error dialogs. Although it has not been updated for a pretty long time, RSS Feed Viewer delivers a quick and effective solution to reading your favorite RSS feeds.







RSS Feed Viewer Crack+ Free [March-2022]

Fantasti is a feed reader that provides a great reading experience. As a user, you can share your feed on social network sites (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and…) or use your feed in Fantasti as the homepage.
If you have a Java Runtime Environment (JRE) installed, you can also use Fantasti as a feed aggregator of Java-based RSS readers.
The Fantasti is simple and intuitive and supports your feeds in various languages, including Chinese, Hebrew, German, Japanese, Spanish, and many more!
– Read RSS feeds
– Share RSS feed on social network sites
– The possibility to store the favorite feed in the website
– Display the feed at the homepage
– Use the feeds as the background image
– Print RSS feed
– Supports “plain” RSS
– Take notes from each feed
– You can write your own scripts to access your favorite feeds

* Save large feeds to the Clipboard
* Add feed to Favorites
* Combine this program to the startup
* Display on the desktop
The feature of reading RSS feeds is missing from the list of Feed Reader, so we created this.
The program supports feed from multiple websites such as Twitter, Google Reader, Yahoo Pipes, LiveJournal, Blogger and Pageflakes.
You can add feeds in local folder, save them on the server, display them in tabbed window, combine feeds from different sources in one list. You also can print feeds to PDF file and save as text file.
* Don’t download images from the websites. If you want to save images from website you can use an external web browser which can download images by default.
Users reviews

* Easy to use
* Has some interesting features
* Very flexible
* Easy to add “feeds”
* Simply perfect
* Ugly designer

Advice, problems, suggestions or just a comment.

It’s good-look, and easy to use, but there’s a bug that prevents reading of subscriptions from multiple sites.I’ve posted a bug report to the developer:

RSS Flash is a free flash tool that allows you to browse and read RSS feeds with the help of AdBlocker. This free RSS feed reader allows you to use RSS feeds through a web browser using Flash. The application provides you with an easy

RSS Feed Viewer

mRSS is a free tool (still in beta) to check how much RSS feeds can save you in bandwidth.
mRSS is a free tool (still in beta) to check how much RSS feeds can save you in bandwidth.

RSS Feed Viewer is an open source RSS reader which supports OPML and RSS Feeds. With RSS Feed Viewer you can read RSS feeds, Web sites and Newsgroups online, or download and save them to disk.

It does a decent job of providing each RSS feed with statistics about when it was last accessed and last published. In many cases, this information is easy to understand. However, given that RSS feeds are updated frequently, I’m concerned that RSS Feed Viewer might omit the most recent content of some feeds without indicating to the user that they’ve missed the news.

RSS Feed Viewer is a desktop RSS reader, written entirely in Adobe AIR, that comes free with no advertising. RSS Feed Viewer supports browser plug-ins, the ability to open a link in your default web browser, as well as a variety of keyboard shortcuts.

RSS Reader gets very basic, with a large white screen and fonts that are hard to read. You can add a lot of feeds, but there is no such thing as a Feeds Manager. There is a feature called Live Web Hooks, which lets you search Twitter and Facebook with a RSS feed URL. This is a decent feature, but some RSS Feeds that aren’t Twitter or Facebook might not provide a URL for a search. An option to include links to other resources when providing feeds is available, but it might be confusing for some users.

The interface’s only real improvements lie in the ability to add a feed as an Inbox, its own ability to “mark articles as read”, and the option of automatically downloading a thumbnail of the first article that’s encountered in a feed. The “mark as read” feature does little to improve RSS Feed Viewer’s usability, and because RSS Feed Viewer is open source, it could presumably easily be improved to allow a full-screen view of each feed.

Overall, the program doesn’t do too much, but what it does do, it does very well.

RSS Feed Viewer Screenshots

RSS Feed Viewer Editor’s Review

Version 1.1.2 – 06-02-2010

RSS Feed Viewer is an open source RSS reader which supports OPML and

RSS Feed Viewer Crack +

How to Get RSS Feed Viewer
1. Choose RSS Feed Viewer under “Live in the “.
2. Click the “Install” button.
3. Click “Run” to install the program.
4. Click “OK” to agree to the license agreement.
5. Click “Finish” to complete the installation.
How to Import OPML
1. Click the “Import” button.
2. Click the “Open” button to import OPML files.
How to View Feeds
1. Choose RSS Feed Viewer under “Live in the “.
2. Click the “View” button.
How to Add Feed
1. Choose RSS Feed Viewer from the list of programs.
2. Enter or select a feed URL from the “Feeds URL” field.
3. Click “Add feed” to save the feed.
How to Edit Feed
1. Choose RSS Feed Viewer from the list of programs.
2. Click the feed you want to edit.
How to Export OPML
1. Choose RSS Feed Viewer from the list of programs.
2. Click the “Export” button.
How to Reset
1. Choose RSS Feed Viewer from the list of programs.
2. Click the “Reset” button.
How to Resize
1. Choose RSS Feed Viewer from the list of programs.
2. In the “Resizing” panel, click the buttons, and choose an option.
How to Minimize
1. Choose RSS Feed Viewer from the list of programs.
2. Click the “Minimize to system tray” button.
How to Open in New Window
1. Choose RSS Feed Viewer from the list of programs.
2. Click the “Open in New Window” button.
How to View Feed’s Content
1. Choose RSS Feed Viewer from the list of programs.
2. Click the feed.
How to Subscribe to Feed
1. Choose RSS Feed Viewer from the list of programs.
2. Click the “Subscribe to feed” button.
How to Unsubscribe Feed
1. Choose RSS Feed Viewer from the list of programs.
2. Click the “Un

What’s New in the?

* Clear, simple interface
* Easy to use and suitable for beginners as well as experts
* Feed list and contents are synchronized between the client and the server
* Supports web history and favicon cache
* Image filtering and clipboard editing
* Supports many hotkeys
* Supports OPML importing
* Preview/read summary/content without opening the feed or refreshing
* Uses very little resources
* Supports auto-reload of changed feeds
* Can be used as a browser extension for popular web browsers (Firefox, Chrome)
* Runs on all Mac OS X versions

It took a little while to find the most important function, the one which would get the most reactions, and in the end it was the simple task of comparing RSS feeds. We use FeedLocker’s RSS comparison tool – a light-weight and intuitive multi-feed reader designed to effectively compare and organize RSS feeds that automatically syncs the RSS feed list and the feeds’ content between the PC and the web.
FeedLocker can connect to your Google Reader account (for selected accounts only) or open an RSS file directly (for both supported account types).
On installation, you will be prompted to choose the account type you would prefer to connect to.
The software only contacts the selected Google Reader account to make sure the last hundred days worth of RSS feeds are updated.
FeedLocker will notify you of any feeds that have been changed after you last opened it or connect to your account. It is essential that you update your Google Reader accounts regularly to keep your feeds updated and organized.
FeedLocker’s clean and unintrusive interface won’t distract you from your workflow and will automatically pick up on any changes to the RSS feeds that you monitor.
Designed to be the only RSS-reader you need, FeedLocker delivers the kind of results that make feeding time easier and more fun.
– Create your own custom RSS feeds, without the need to constantly update your Google Reader account
– An intelligent comparison tool that makes RSS feed comparing easy
– Open RSS feeds right from the menu bar or download an RSS file directly
– Tap into FeedLocker’s back-end services to import feeds from your Google Reader account or edit/create your own RSS feeds
– Requires no time-consuming manual feeds updating, since FeedLocker will automatically check for changes in your RSS feeds and display the new content in a clean, intuitive interface
– Supports Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7
– Supports both Google

System Requirements:

OS: Windows XP (32 or 64 bit)
Processor: 1.5 GHz processor
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Graphics: DirectX 9 compatible video card with 1024×768 screen resolution
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Storage: 5 GB available space
Minimum: OS: Windows XP (32 or 64 bit)Processor: 1.5 GHz processorMemory: 2 GB RAMGraphics: DirectX 9 compatible video card with 1024×768 screen resolutionNetwork: Broadband Internet connectionStorage: 5 GB available space

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