Rights of women in india

Rights of women

Our Constitution and law provides several rights to women but some women especially of rural areas are unaware from them. If they have the knowledge about their rights then no one can violate their rights and they can live with dignity so here we will discuss about some common laws that are only for women

1.Domestic violence act , 2005

According to this domestic violence act 2005, a women can file a case against his husband and in laws if they treat her brutally and abuse her physically or even if they torture her mentally. She is protected from these violence under this act. Not only the women anyone can complain on her behalf. And women can also ask them for financial aid in this circumstance.

2.The Sexual Harassment of Women At Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act, 2013

This act empowers women to fight with the sexual harassment especially in workplace. Security of women is necessary In the workplace and it is also the duty of employer to protect women from such harassment. Sexual harassment at a workplace is considered violation of women’s right to equality, life and liberty. Under this act the women can complain against the person who is harassed her. They are also provided with 90days paid leave.

3.The Female Infanticide Prevention Act, 1870

This act says that killing a female infant and even try to fi d out its gender is also a punishable offence. This act banned all type of gender recognition methods of an infant.

4. Right to hide name of rape victim

Women who are rape victims can hide their names in public places. The rape victim can file complain in front of a female police officer or magistrate. Even the case of rape is also handed over to female judge and speedy judgement is also directed .

5. Right to deny for arrest at night

According to crpc section 46 women have right to avoid from arrest at night. Women can be arrested at night in a

rare condition that too after permission of magistrate.

6 Right to get equal wages for equal work

If a woman is working equally to man then it is her right to get same wages as of a men. Discrimination In sary on the basis of gender will be punished.

7. Maternity rights

This rights gives women an opportunity of 26 weeks during her pregnancy. Employer should give her a paid leave for this period.

8 . Right to maintain dignity

A female accused or convict have a right to be diagnost by a female medical practitioners.

9. Right to get free legal aid

A rape victim is entitled to get free legal aid. Legal services authority provides her with a good legal practitioner.

10. Right in property

According to hindu succession act women have equal right in ancestral property earlier it was given to only men.


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