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Who may be a Mortgagee?
A mortgagee is a private , group of people or an organisation that lends a loan to the borrower. He receives a mortgage as a security for the principal money and therefore the interest on the payment, collectively referred to as mortgage money. The instrument(if any) through which the mortgage is transferred effectively to the mortgagee is named the deed .
Who may be a Mortgagor?
The borrower who transfers such immovable property to the mortgagee is understood because the Mortgagor. The mortgager is sure to repay the principal amount and therefore the interest thereon , as long as no contradictory contract is present. Otherwise, the Mortgagee acquires the mortgaged property and has the proper to recover the mortgage money through it.
Ex. A gives B a loan of rupees 50 lakh, to which B transfers his immovable property(his ancestral house) to A as security. Here, A is that the mortgagee, and B is that the mortgagor.
Different sorts of Mortgage
Keeping the meaning of mortgagor, mortgagee, mortgage-money, mortgage-deed same as explained above, a mortgage is of six kinds (Section 58 of TPA, 1882):
Simple Mortgage
Mortgage by Conditional Sale
Usufructuary Mortgage
English Mortgage
Mortgage by deposit of title-deeds
Anomalous mortgage
Rights Of A Mortgagor
The Transfer of Property Act of 1882 offers privileges to a mortgagor during a mortgage-deed, which are as follows:
Right of mortgagor to redeem (S.60)
Right to Transfer to the third party. (S.60A)
Right to inspection and production of documents (S.60B)
Right to redeem separately or simultaneously (S.61)
Right of usufructuary mortgagor to recover possession (S.62
Accession to mortgaged property (S.63)
Renewal of Mortgaged Lease (S.64)
Mortgagor’s power to lease (S.65A)
Right within the case of waste (S.66)
Right of Mortgagor to Redeem (section 60)
The mortgagor on the payment of the due mortgage money with reasonable notification on the precise time and place features a right to:
require the mortgagee to deliver the mortgage-deed and therefore the mortgaged property documents in his possession or under this power
recover the possession of the mortgaged property from the mortgagee
to get his property re-transferred at his own cost to him or a 3rd party by the mortgagee at the mortgagor’s desire or get an acknowledgement registered by the mortgagee extinguishing his right over the property
The right can’t be exercised if extinguished by the parties to the contract or by a court’s decree. The suit to enforce such a right is named a suit for redemption.
Right to inspection and production of documents (S.60B)
Under his right to redemption, the mortgagor can request in the least reasonable times on his own cost the and on successful payment of the expenses incurred by the mortgagee on his behalf to examine and make a replica or extract the documents of the mortgaged property and mortgage-deed under the possession of the mortgagee.
Right to redeem separately or simultaneously (S.61)
On the execution of quite one mortgages favouring an equivalent mortgagee, within the absence of a contract, the mortgagor can, on the payment of the due of 1 of the mortgage, redeem the deed on one individual or more mortgage-deed simultaneously.
Right of usufructuary mortgagor to recover possession (S.62)
In a usufructuary mortgage, the mortgagor features a right to recover possession of the deed from the mortgagee when the mortgagee has received the mortgage money from the property’s profits and rents or has received the balance payment from the mortgagor.
Accession to mortgaged property (S.63)
The mortgagor is entitled to the mortgaged property accession upon redemption, if any, during the mortgage’s continuance when in possession of the mortgagee if a contract for the contrary doesn’t exist. The mortgagee has no right to say the assession when redeemed by the mortgagor.
Renewal of Mortgaged Lease (S.64)
When the mortgaged property features a lease and in possession of the mortgagee, renewal of lease is obtained. Upon redemption, the mortgagor features a right to receive the lease’s benefits unless mentioned otherwise within the contract.
Mortgagor’s power to lease (S. 65A)
While in lawful possession of the property, the mortgagor has the proper to form the lease, which shall be binding on the mortgagee unless otherwise stated within the mortgage.
Right within the case of waste (S.66)
According to this, the mortgagor isn’t susceptible to the mortgagee for the property’s deterioration but shall not do an act, which is catastrophic or permanent injury is caused to the property if it’s insufficient because the security.
Through the evolution of The Transfer of Property Act of 1882 has got to widen the horizon concerning the rights and liabilities of a mortgagor and a mortgagee. this protects them from exploitation and securing the property mortgaged from ill-intentions.
The Indian Contract Act, 1872 specifies the formation of mortgage deals to make sure security and protection of the economically lower society. The articles describe, in brief, the concepts of the rights and liabilities of the mortgagor.

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