The police department is responsible for maintaining the law and order of the community, maintaining public safety, and maintaining its reputation. The Indian preamble clearly shows that no one can be above the law. The police are also unlikely to over-control or abuse their power to threaten people under the guise of conducting investigations. The police is one of the most important organizations in society. Facts have proved that the police are the most outstanding leaders of the government. At a time full of risks, threats, disasters and challenges, when a resident does not know what to do and how to contact, it happens that the police department and a policeman are the most suitable units and individuals for him. The police is expected to become the most accessible, interactive and dynamic organization in any society.
On the one hand, their status, responsibilities and obligations in society are normal and different; on the other hand, they are difficult. Generally speaking, the main duty of the police is to maintain law and order. However, these two responsibilities have many branches, leading to a large list of responsibilities, functions, powers, roles, and responsibilities of police organizations. The police are given different powers, and on the other hand, it is necessary to perform their duties, which leaves the door for abuses and violations of human rights.
The police are the first people to come into contact with citizens. The police must maintain order and prevent crime. It is your responsibility to take the offenders to court and deal with them.
India’s legal system gives the people living in the country a lot of control. Unfortunately, not everyone knows this power. As an Indian citizen, it is very important to understand the laws and rights that exist in the region. In addition to simple rules and rights, there are other basic rules and rights that must be recognized by everyone.
Article 21 of the Indian Constitution brings hope to those who are imprisoned, prosecuted, and accused. These citizens must be treated humanely and treated in the manner prescribed by law. In Maneka Gandhi v. Union of India {AIR 1978 SC 597}, the Supreme Court ruled that the state, in fact, the police, as its main law enforcement agency, has the unquestionable responsibility for listing offenders. However, the laws and procedures adopted by the state to achieve this commendable social goal must conform to civilized norms. Therefore, the methods implemented by the state must be legal, fair and reasonable.
Main Objectives
The main objectives of the Indian Social Police are to maintain public order, prevent and stop crimes, respect the rule of law and respect human dignity.
The police’s right to arrest is subject to restrictions and judicial supervision and review to guarantee everyone’s basic right to life in accordance with Article 21 of the Indian Constitution. The imposition of such restrictions clearly reflects the understanding of the defendant’s interests. Chapter 5 of the Criminal Procedure Law (CrPC) contains provisions on arrest, detention and supervision, and review of personnel. The main purpose of criminal law is deterrence, retaliation and protection. Reform and rehabilitation are silent goals that strengthen the nuances of society. “Once you have sinned, you will always sin”, the test of reason, wisdom and morality cannot stand the test. Not all crimes are the same, so they are not criminals. The weight, the design and the existence determine the applicable jurisprudential norms. However, the implementation of measurement standards depends on the discretionary power exercised within the scope of national legislation.
The police and the rule of law
The basic principle of democracy is the rule of law. It says that no one can be above the law and that everyone is equal before the law. The rule of law means equal protection of the law without arbitrary power of attorney.
According to the Constitution, the police are subject to the jurisdiction of the states. Therefore, each of the 29 states has its own department of security. In fact, the center has the right to maintain its own security forces and to help countries maintain public order. Therefore, for professional activities such as intelligence collection, investigation, investigation and record keeping, and teaching, it operates seven regional police forces and several other police organizations.
The police department plays a key role in maintaining and enforcing laws, solving crimes and the safety of citizens of the country. In a large country with a large population like India, the police force must be well-equipped to function in terms of manpower, weapons, forensic assistance, connectivity, and transportation.
Police reform in India
The police account for approximately 3% of public expenditure. If the responsibility for maintaining public order and prosecuting crime lies with the national police department, the central authority will support them with intelligence and national security issues (such as rebellions). Police investment represents approximately 3% of the federal and state government budgets. In January 2016, the state police had 24% vacancies (approximately 550,000 vacancies). In 2016, the approved police force was 181 police officers for every 100,000 citizens, while the actual number of police officers was 137. Note that the standard recommended by the United Nations is 222 police officers for every 100,000 inhabitants. The police represent 86% of the state police.
Rights of a person before dealing with the police Three months’ wage penalty.
The Police Complaints Agency (PCA) was established in 2006 to manage police complaints and improve the framework and operation of the police system. In the event of “serious misconduct”, the police may be held accountable. Anyone who has experienced police brutality will file a lawsuit against the PCA.
The court clearly stipulated that during the investigation, police officers must not intimidate others.

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