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RFID card manufacturers has been applied in retail for 15 years. In this process, traditional clothing enterprises and supermarket chains have used electronic tags in a large number, occupying the largest market share in the field of RFID card manufacturer. With the development of market demand and the demand of Chinese characteristics, the application of new retail and the demand of anti-counterfeiting traceability have broken out. This section will explain the application of traditional clothing retail and innovative new retail and anti-counterfeiting traceability.

RFID clothing retail

Ultra high frequency RFID, due to its non-contact, long reading distance, fast identification, large amount of stored data, is more and more widely used, and has been recognized and used in more and more fields. The clothing retail industry is the most important market for RFID card manufacturers. It has developed rapidly from Macy’s department store to Zara, Decathlon, UNIQLO, and then to domestic brands such as Hailan home and lasabel. RFID card manufacturer technology can carry out information management from various links such as garment production, processing, quality inspection, warehousing, logistics and transportation, distribution and sales, so as to create a new field of garment retail management.

01. RFID industry pain point

After years of development, the clothing retail industry has realized digital management, which mainly includes four links: production, warehousing and logistics, stores and data decision-making. The industry pain points are analyzed as follows:

Production link:

The production cost is high.

The production management efficiency is low.

It is difficult to produce on demand.

The traditional manufacturing process is mainly based on the plan, and the content of the production order is also lack of accurate data guidance, especially in the large-scale assembly line production process. It is easy to waste production, and the wrong production or the products produced are not required by the market, thus leading to the decrease of production efficiency and the increase of losses.

RFID Warehousing and logistics:

The efficiency of warehouse in and out management is low.

Inaccurate inventory and low counting efficiency.

There are many problems in the sorting of bulk goods and returns.

It is difficult to realize the tracking management of goods.

Traditional warehousing uses two-dimensional code technology to count points, and electronic sorting tag technology to collect data during operation to solve the above problems. However, the enterprise has a large number of products entering and leaving the warehouse every day, a large amount of work, and frequent production warehouse operations. In the case of large-scale warehousing, the operator needs to scan the barcode on each package one by one to collect the information of the goods in and out of the warehouse. It is not only time-consuming and inefficient, but also prone to wrong scanning, missed scanning and re scanning.

Store link:

It is difficult to count and find goods.

The goods were stolen and sold.

The customer’s demand is not accurate.

Poor consumer experience.

Inventory counting is an important operation link in warehouse management. Its purpose is to check the book quantity and the physical quantity of inventory, so as to correct the errors in time according to the specified procedures after finding the differences, and ensure that the data on the book can reflect the real situation of inventory. The reality is that it is difficult to carry out the inventory counting on time and thoroughly, because the premise of the inventory counting is to temporarily stop the warehousing operation of the warehouse, To ensure that the physical quantity and the book quantity are at the same time point, such verification is meaningful. However, the environmental conditions in all aspects determine that the enterprise simply cannot keep the inventory in a static state for a long enough time to ensure the completion of the inventory.

Data decision process:

The basic data is not timely and accurate.

Insufficient in-depth data analysis.

Data visualization is low.

The combination of data and business is not deep enough.

Although the enterprise has spent a lot of manpower and financial resources and equipped with advanced ERP system, the data and information sources in the entire information system are lack of reliable guarantee. All data comes from manual input, and errors in manual operation are unavoidable. The occurrence and accumulation of these errors greatly reduce the effectiveness of the advanced computer management information system.

02. RFID solution

In order to effectively improve the effect of the whole clothing retail management, it is necessary to integrate RFID card manufacturer(more info) technology, cloud computing, big data and other technologies, and run through almost all links such as raw materials, semi-finished products, finished products, transportation, warehousing, inventory, distribution, sales, and return processing, so as to realize the accurate management of the whole life cycle of goods, open source for enterprises and improve profit benefits. As shown in Fig. 8-1, it is the overall implementation of RFID card manufacturers in the clothing field.

The tag factory is the production site of RFID card manufacturers. According to the needs of the clothing retail products, it produces specific electronic tags such as tags, and prints and writes chip data. These written data are pushed by the whole system after big data calculation and decision-making, with real-time and accuracy.

In the process of garment production, the garment factory will hang the tag with the electronic tag on the garment, and carry out packing and delivery after the production is completed. At this time, the batch identification advantage of RFID card manufacturers can be used to recheck the packing and confirm the place of shipment, so as to ensure no missing and good delivery.

In the warehousing and logistics link, with the assistance of RFID card manufacturers, the functions of batch warehousing, picking in the warehouse, multiple inventory and delivery review can be realized.

At the store level, the application of RFID card manufacturers has been expanded very much, including the function of quickly finding goods through RSSI plus filtering and the function of helping customers to intelligently try on clothes by identifying the ID of the electronic tag. It also supports inventory collection, rapid inventory counting, display management, interactive marketing, return allocation, intelligent shelf, intelligent anti-theft, internal control management, etc.

The data in the above links will all enter the retail big data platform in real time, and data mining, commodity digital management and supply chain digital management will be carried out again. As shown in Figure 8-2, all data are transferred to the cloud in real time and processed in a centralized manner.

From the perspective of hardware, it is necessary to install an integrated reader on the workstation of the garment factory, and install a fixed multi antenna reader at each delivery and receiving place; Each store is equipped with 2-3 handsets, as shown in Fig. 8-3, to count the goods on shelves and stacked goods for store staff.

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