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The Civil Procedure Code of 1908 was ordered so as to have an unvarying common system in every one of the courts. The code doesn’t contain just arrangements and decides yet additionally principles that are to be fundamentally made pertinent in every one of the courts in all suits to not to debase the guidelines and working of the Judiciary according to the public that prompts annihilate the confidence and trust on the legal executive and its working. The legal executive being one of the significant organs of the state to reestablish harmony and render equity the precept of res judicata and res sub Judice ought to be applied in a severe way for the smooth working of the legal executive. The significant revision of 1877 of the common methodology rolled out a significant improvement with respect to making the materialness of regulation of res judicata in a more powerful way. The legal executive is vital for work appropriately in each state. Nobody should question the orders passed on a chose matter by the legal executive. The common suits either forthcoming or chose ought not be organized again in any court and preliminary for the suit ought not be directed. Twofold establishment of suits either on a forthcoming or concluded matter will establish a tumultuous climate as the decisions passed by various courts and judges will not be something similar. Each has their own specific manner of deciphering current realities and giving equity. In addition the legal executive in India is exceptionally delayed in removal of cases and twofold suits may make pressure to the gatherings than giving them equity as the cases are deferred may in any case stay undisputed even after numerous years and ages. This undertaking fundamentally dissect the precept of res judicata and gives the motivation to the need use of this principle in India viably and rigorously as well.


This Doctrine  of Res-Judicata has an extremely antiquated history. The principle was surely known by Hindu legal counselors and Mohammedan law specialists of the old occasions. In the old Hindu law the standard of res judicata was notable as “PurvaNyaya” which means previous or past judgment. While in the Roman law perceived the principle of res judicata “one suit and one choice was sufficient for any single debate.” The European mainland and the ward nations have acknowledged this convention. The tenet depends on the accompanying three sayings:

a) Nemodebetbisvexari genius una et eadem causa (no individual ought to be troubled twice for a similar suit or matter);

b) Interest rreipublicateut sit finis litium (it is in light of a legitimate concern for the express that all prosecutions ought not be ceaseless); and

c) Res judicata expert veritateoccipitur (a legal judgment or choice should be acknowledged as right and liberated from blunders.

The last two proverbs mirror the public strategy and the principal adage communicates the private equity.

Extent and Applicability

The crucial idea of the teaching of Res-Judicata depends on open arrangement and private interest. It is created in the bigger public interest for every single suit reach a conclusion. The tenet applies to execution procedures, assertion procedures, tax collection matters, mechanical mediation, writ petitions, authoritative orders, break orders, and so forth

Res judicata is a compulsory arrangement. The request of res judicata is a supplication of law that contacts the locale of a court to endeavor the procedures. A finding on that request would dismiss the purview of a court. In the event that every one of the segments referenced in segment 11 are satisfied convention of res judicata will apply and surprisingly the concession made by a promoter won’t tie a gathering.

The understanding of teaching of res judicata ought to be done generously from a broad view. Since the principle is carried out to assist the public interest and to support keeping the legal executive from managing different procedures for the equivalent in issue.


Coming up next are the conditions to be fulfilled for a make a difference to comprise as res judicata under Section 11 of the Code of Civil Procedure, 1908:

• The matter in the ensuing suit should be same as that of the matter in the previous suit.

• The parties in the ensuing suit should be similar gatherings of the previous suit.

• The case should be under a similar title in the previous suit.

• The court chose the previous suit should be a court able to endeavor the ensuing suit or the suit where such issue is along these lines raised.

• The matter in the ensuing suit probably been heard lastly chose by the court in the previous or past suit.

The above mentioned conditions should be fulfilled for the doctrine of res judicata to be applied.

For the smooth and problem free functioning of the judiciary in India the doctrine of res sub judice and res judicata should be applied effectively and strictly.





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