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The Elden Ring is a game of magic and mystery set between the lands of the Elder and the Mortal Realms, between the past and present. “Elden Ring” is a word that comes from the mysterious power that connects all living things to each other. It is a literal name for an invisible spiritual connection that exists between all living things. That power, the Elden Ring, is what members of the Order of the Goddess, an elite order of the goddess Eir, use to power themselves up. The ancient goddess Eir created the seven rings of the Elden Ring, the power of which has been lost to the mortal world. The Goddess of Light, the mysterious power of the Elden Ring, is light. The Goddess of Life, the power of the Elden Ring, is life.
Now, the rings have been found again. Seven Elden Lords who are assigned by the Goddess Eir, and who wield the power of the seven rings, must gather together, and fuse those rings to become the new Elden Ring. Their goal is to once again protect the Elden World, and at the same time, save their world from the threat of the Darkness.

1. Summons-Up/Deluxe Pack
Download the game for the first time with the first three episodes included.

2. Basic Pack
Download the game for the first time with all episodes included.

3. Full Pack
Download the game for the first time with all episodes included, including weapons, costumes, and all parts.

4. Silver Pack
Download the game for the first time with all episodes included, including one of each of the costumes and items.

5. Gold Pack
Download the game for the first time with all episodes included, including all parts, weapons, and costumes.

6. Full Costume Pack
Download the game for the first time with all episodes included, including all parts and weapons, plus one of each of the seven costumes.

7. Ultimate Pack
Download the game for the first time with all episodes included, including all parts, weapons, and costumes.

8. Donate Pack
Including all episodes and costumes, download the game for the first time using this pack.

Bonus Content:
The first chapter of the first episode, “Elysian Gate”, can be downloaded free of charge.

A Request:
The download links above are for the four downloads of the “Summons-Up” Pack


Features Key:

  • 7 Classes with Unique Abilities
    Choose your battle type from seven classes:

    • Swordman: A melee-focused ranger with a sword and axes.
    • Ancient Mage: A mage that uses wizardry and provides support for the party.
    • Fighting Knight: A melee-focused fighter with a spear.
    • Slayer: A melee combat specialist with a battleaxe.
    • Healer: An offensive cleric with healing and magic.
    • Hunter: A ranged battle mage with a bow.
  • An Enormous World
    Explore seven cities with various sizes, and more than 200 towns and cities to go.
  • 22 Advanced Skills
    Choose from 22 Class Skills (Charms, Advanced Class Skills, Settings, etc.) and 15 Advanced Skills (Kinetic, Mystic, Gathering, etc.) that have grown in depth since the launch of the game.
  • The Guild System
    Develop the guild at each town, and enjoy crafting and farming. In the guild town, you can complete a wide range of activities, develop crafts, and learn new skills.

    • Create a guild roster and develop a guild by assigning roles and building buildings.
    • Craft crafts and equipment by combining forging, repair, and crafting.
    • Farm to grow crops and sell goods to contribute to guild development.
    • Make potions to develop your own inventions.
    • Develop new skills to seek a higher ranking in the guild.
    • Reorganize crafting recipes and add new objectives to learn the profession you desired.
  • Destiny Rath
    A new type of dungeon that contains a new encounter and challenge. It is a unique encounter where you fight an invincible lich-like creature.
  • Spell Capacity
    When you use Scroll of Express Delivery, you can increase the


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    “Elden Ring can actually go toe-to-toe with any of the fantasy RPGs out there, and they definitely knocked it out of the park.” — Pocket Gamer
    “It’s a smart and very well-designed game. You can create your own body and style your character to your heart’s content, and the customization options are even better than they were in Dragon’s Crown.” — GameSpot
    “It’s a wonderful game, and fans of RPGs who haven’t tried one in some time should definitely pick it up.” — IGN
    “So much fun!” — Rock, Paper, Shotgun
    “It’s a good game, and not just because of the fun the gameplay offers.” — Computer Games Magazine
    “A gritty post-apocalyptic world that feels like it’d be right at home in a Lovers In a Dangerous Spacetime expanded universe.” — Kotaku
    “The game is absolutely gorgeous.” — Gamezebo

    · Main Story
    · Characters
    · Factions
    · Legions
    · New Features
    · Game Features
    · Game Modes
    · What You Will Experience
    · Discussions


    THE NEW FANTASY ACTION RPG. Rise, Tarnished, and be guided by grace to brandish the power of the Elden Ring and become an Elden Lord in the Lands Between.

    Amidst the fourth year of the Aegis Shield War, in the desolate land of Elden, a bloody war for power between the fiefs of the great nations of the Realm of Sanctum is taking place.

    However, the fiefs have no allies or defenders; they are all fighting their own war. They are all merely pretenders as the Realm of Sanctum has collapsed.

    The only possibility for salvation lies in the faraway Far Lands. The only hope for all the fiefs lies in the Elden Ring.

    Elden Ring is a story of war, survival, and peace where every single life you meet has become a precious thread that binds your memories together.

    There, within the Blades of Orrin, these threads weave together to form a web that binds all fiefs together.

    Take the place of a certain chosen one: A disgraced mercenary taken in by a group of fiefs who�


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    The game has set forth a new concept of free exploration of large dungeons and fast combat.

    ◆ Combat
    ◆ Linear dungeon crawler
    – Explore dungeons in a linear order where you’ll fight enemy bosses in order from start to finish.- Randomly generated dungeons won’t be easy, but they won’t be challenging either, which will make exploration feel more seamless.

    ◆ Exploration
    – Explore a vast world freely.- World map screen will be displayed when you talk to the lord of the large city.
    ◆ Dungeons
    – Dungeons are highly diverse and highly interconnected.- Dungeons with unique and three-dimensional designs are connected seamlessly between each other and the surrounding world.- You will be able to select dungeons to visit as you please.
    ◆ Roles and Actions
    – You can choose from numerous roles including a warrior, a mage, or a rogue.- Each role has different actions that are selected when using the character abilities.*
    ◆ RPG
    – Character relationship with the world and villagers, etc. will come out naturally.
    * Character actions are the actions carried out in the game world, such as attack, avoid, use item, and create a save point.
    ◆ Open World
    – Open world is where there is no limitation to progression.
    ◆ Freedom to play
    – Your quest will continue as long as you want, and you can replay it.
    ◆ Daily Quests
    – You’ll be able to experience fully various play scenarios and enjoy the game day after day.
    ◆ Co-op Play and Player Merge
    – Co-op play with up to four players will be available.
    ◆ Player Merge
    – Two players will be able to play the same game at the same time. You can play the game on the same account even if you play on different devices at the same time.
    ◆ Smooth Multi-Player with No Lag
    – Online/offline play can be performed simultaneously, and no lag will be experienced when you play with other players.
    ◆ Party
    – Join a party with up to four players.
    ◆ Guilds
    – Guilds are created by players. Players that have played the game for a long time can collaborate and organize themselves.
    ◆ Collectable and Materials
    – Different collectible items such as gears, armors, and runes can be collected.- Unlike many free MMORPGs, you’ll also be able to receive materials in


    What’s new:

    Handcrafted by Overman Co., developer of Shadowrun, R.U.N, and The Saboteur.
    Upcoming Page: bios.
    Thu, 23 Jan 2012 11:11:00 +0000Gamasutra Returns: What we know so far
    by Don Hopkins
    Tue, 24 Sep 2012 00:15:00 +0000Shadowrun Returns, along with Shadowrun Online, is being developed by Harebrained Schemes. The studio is best known for its Shadowrun game Monkey Island: Shadow of the Bear, the port of Cards Against Humanity, and the free game Journey to the West.

    If you’re not familiar with Harebrained Schemes’ work, Monkey Island sets the stage for the eponymous adventures throughout various games in the franchise. Shadowrun Returns will be the first game in a series that began with Shadowrun, Ninja Gangsters, and Shadowrun: Red Storm Rising. The project is based on the Shadowrun pen-and-paper game, with an emphasis on single- and multiplayer gameplay.

    Image 6

    The studio’s Monkey Island games have a striking visual style. Shadowrun Returns will share its atmosphere and


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