Reformation in Criminals to be goals!


Reformation in Criminals to be goal!
If a person commits any offence it becomes public crime,which is treated as public wrong as it affects and harms the whole society at large. So for that offence there is Punishment under our justice system which is criminal justice systems as Indian Penal Code under which, there Punishment for different offenders who commits an offence. So that , that offender do get fear into himself and others take an lesson that, whosoever does any crime which is public wrong will be punished. But in your sense what should be true aim for punishing the accused ? Because just by punishing and to be put him in jail for years and treating harsh, bad way has not reduced the crime in country instead its increasing day by day.
So What should be ideal suggestion i think is reformatory treatment which is even in our law of criminal justice and its being in many of jurist and lawmakers sense so that crime should be reduced and that criminal should be reformed and realise what is right and what is wrong after being in imprisonment that criminal become good and object behind it should be of moral reform of the offender. He must be educated and taught some art or industry during the period of his imprisonment so that he may be able to start his life again after his imprisonment.
While awarding the imprisonment the judge should study the character and age of the offender, his early breeding, his education and environment, the circumstances under which he committed the offence , the object of doing so is to acquaint the judge the nature of the circumstances so that he may give a punishment which may suits the circumstances.
In my opinion, by sympathetic, tactful and loving treatment of the offender , the revolutionary change can be brought into his character. Severe punishment only will debase them. It is said Man will always kicks against pricks.


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