Rectify QuickBooks POS XML Document Errors With Ease (2022)

Learn the causes of “QuickBooks POS XML Document Errors” in this article, along with solutions. Point of Sale QB An XML document error means the user runs across the problem while attempting to create an invoice.

An error message is displayed by the system:

  • Probabilities of an XML document issue (0, 0)
  • Error: Because another process is handling the same file, the process cannot access file C: ProgramDataIntuitEntitlement Clientv(x)SessionData.xml.


The retail industry’s standards are fully met by the QuickBooks Point of Sale system. The program has been enhanced with useful features and modules that make running a business simple. The software’s regular sales reporting and analytics functions make the data transparent. It keeps track of employees, customers, and inventory with great accuracy, which boosts revenue growth. However, the QB POS occasionally makes mistakes. When QB is launched, the user encounters a difficulty. One mistake that is typically reported to the QuickBooks point of sale Consultant number is a QuickBooks Point of Sale XML document error.

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Understand the cause of the QuickBooks POS XML Document Errors (0, 0)

The following list of causes can be used to identify POS XML document errors:

  • SessionData.xml is corrupt or damaged.
  • In the Point of Sale Entitlement Client folder, there are corrupt or damaged files.
  • XML Document Error in QuickBooks POS: Solutions (0, 0)
  • For fixing QuickBooks POS issues, Intuit offers suggestions. There is a possibility that the suggested fixes will work to remedy the problem. Follow the step-by-step instructions and the correct order listed below for the solutions.

First Option:- Lookup the Company File’s Location

  • Use the F2 key to find the location of the corporate file.
  • Close the QuickBooks software
  • Complete every QuickBooks-related activity in the task manager.
  • Find the location of the corporate file.
  • Avalara folder, open.
  • Learn more about the business that made the mistake.
  • Errorlist.xml should be deleted.

Second option:- Rename the session data as a second option.

  • Start the computer, go to the search bar, type Services.msc, and then press Enter.
  • Select Intuit Entitlement Service vX_> by clicking. Decide to stop (X is the highest number version you see). Snap the window shut.
  • Show hidden files and directories.
  • Look for the way IntuitEntitlement ClientvX in C:ProgramData
  • SessionData.xml should be renamed to OLDSessionData.xml.

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Third option:- Rename the Entitlement Client Folder 

  • Find the location of your QuickBooks Point of Sale desktop installation, then rename the Entitlement folder there.
  • Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10: Intuit Entitlement Client, programme data (x.x)


You may also reach out to an expert, a reputable QuickBooks consulting firm at (855)-738-0359 our consultants will help you to fix QuickBooks POS XML Document Errors quickly.

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