Radioactive Iodine Treatment and your Immune System

dr. jade tetaI was diagnosed with Papillary Thyroid Cancer in March of 2008. I was nothing but twenty seven years old at the moment, metabolic renewal bbb (click the following article) and in complete shock. I made a decision to get checked on a whim because my older sister was diagnosed the preceding year (even though papillary thyroid cancer isn’t often hereditary). I had very little symptoms and I was informed that it was found very early. The surgery of mine for the removal of my thyroid was scheduled promptly. I was informed that I’d need to undergo radioactive iodine remedy shortly after my surgery to be able to destroy some thyroid tissue created. This’s a regular course of action after having a thyroidectomy (an operation which involves the surgical removal of all or element of the thyroid gland).

Approximately four months after your radioactive iodine treatment your physician will order a blood test to compute your thyroglobulin level. Tiny amounts of thyroglobulin are normal in those with normal thyroid function.

Thyroglobulin levels must be undetectable or perhaps really low once the surgical removal of the thyroid (thyroidectomy) and/or after subsequent radioactive iodine therapies. When levels remain detectable, there might be normal or cancerous thyroid tissue staying in the man or woman’s body, indicating the need for further therapy.

In the majority of cases, the diligent is only required to have radioactive thyroid treatment one time following the thyroidectomy. Nevertheless, right here I am, two years later completing the final round of mine of radioactive iodine treatment. My thyroglobulin level was still at fourteen. My doctor needs me to be under 1. The radioactive iodine therapy itself isn’t very difficult. My doctor educated me on what to expect before (low iodine diet) as well as during my short hospital stay for therapy. What I was not informed about was the issues that the treatment would have on the immune system of mine in the future months.

Following my first 2 radioactive iodine therapies I was constantly sick. It ranged from the common cold to pneumonia (pneumonia isn’t fun). I was spending a large number of dollars each month on primary care doctor appointments, prescription drugs and. I was also losing cash because of my frequent absence at work. I’d only feel “healthy” a couple of weeks at a time there and here.

This went on for about 7 to nine months following my very first radioactive iodine treatment. I was at long last getting back to my old self again to discover that I had to do a second treatment the anniversary month of the surgery of mine. Then the “sickness cycle” began all over again. I tried plenty of different immune boosters after the second therapy of mine but nothing worked.

Lastly, just after my final round of therapy this past January, I found a thing that worked. AND it had been an all natural product that had been the very best part. It’s been four weeks since my third (and ideally final) radioactive iodine treatment and I haven’t had so much as a sniffle! I can not believe just how much better I have felt these past four months in comparison to the past 2 years! I’m writing to talk about the experience of mine with other people in hopes that I may help in some way. Click on my link below for more info on how to boost the immune system of yours for all those tough times ahead. I’ll also discuss along with you 2 minimal iodine recipes that I would not have made it through with out!!

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