QuickBooks Data Migration Services: Easiest Technical Guide

QuickBooks users generally move their QB data to a new computer every few years in order to successfully utilize the various features & tools released by manufacturers. This process of accurately transferring QuickBooks data to a new computer is usually called ‘QuickBooks Data Migration Services’.

Here’s a blog that demonstrates the valid use of the ‘QB Migrator Tool’ to easily move the QB data to a new system.

If you want the best guidance for ‘QuickBooks Data Migration Services’, you can dial +1-855-948-3646  to immediately connect with our QB Technical Experts Team.

Main Conditions to Satisfy Before Attempting to Utilize the ‘QB Desktop Migrator Tool’ for QB Data Migration

The following points need to be implemented in order to ensure full QB Data Migration through the ‘QB Desktop Migrator Tool’:

  • The new system should be properly connected to the internet in order to ensure seamless QB data migration.
  • A fully valid USB flash drive is also needed that can hold files up to 250 MB.

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Relevant Steps to Utilize the ‘QB Migrator Tool’ for Transferring QB Desktop Data to a New Computer

The steps explained below should be utilized for migrating QB Desktop data to a new computer via the ‘QB Migrator Tool’:

Step 1: Properly transfer the selected QB data files from the old system into the USB flash drive

  1. Firstly, access the QB Desktop application on the old system so that you can strike on the ‘File’ menu, after which you can suitably choose the ‘Utilities’ option shown in the window.
  2. Now, instantly go ahead to click on the ‘Move QuickBooks to another computer’ option following which you should tap on the ‘I’m Ready’ button, and then you will be able to swiftly create a fresh one-time password for later use.
  3. Just thereafter, select the USB flash drive in order to correctly transfer the relevant QB data into it.

Step 2: Operate the ‘QB Migrator Tool’ on the new computer after attaching the USB flash drive to it

  1. Here, the first accurate step is to attach the USB flash drive to the new system, after which you must launch the USB flash drive in order to be able to execute the ‘Move_QuickBooks.bat’ file saved within it.
  2. Afterward, instantly write the one-time password created in the previous step within the relevant field, and then you can successfully start the execution of the ‘QB Migrator Tool’ by tapping the ‘Let’s go’ button.
  3. Once the ‘QB Migrator Tool’ completes its execution, all the relevant QB data will get fully transferred to the new system.

Step 3: Accurately operationalize the relevant QuickBooks services on the new system

  1. In the final step, you shall simply access & utilize the payroll and other payment services in the QB Desktop application of your new system.
  2. Furthermore, you can also use the ‘Intuit Data Protect’ service as per the established process.


By easily using these steps, you can fully utilize the valid ‘QuickBooks Data Migration Services’. For further help, dial +1-855-948-3646 to connect with our QB Technical Professionals Team.

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