Psychological Effects of Cannabis Addiction: A Detailed Overview

learn moreThere’s an extended debate over the actual physical effects of marijuana. Although this drug isn’t really harmful if taken at times in prescribed form, it gets seriously hazardous when people become fans of it and begin taking it with no prescription. In such cases it doesn’t only damage the body of the addicted man or woman but also leaves many negative effects on the brain. In this article we will study about those negative effects in detail:

1. Over activation of Brain’s reward system: You might’ve learned that the primary key ingredient of Marijuana is Thc. or Tetrahydrocannabinol When a person takes Marijuana, THC enters his/her brain and activates its reward system due to which person starts off feeling euphoric. This particular reward system is liable for all our cheerful feelings and is initialized automatically by brain every time something delighting happens to us. Upon activation, it emits the chemical dopamine in our nerves and we be happy. On the contrary, THC triggers this reward process of mind in exact same manner as other illegal drugs do – by stimulating the brain to release dopamine. Upon release of dopamine people start feeling high and euphoric.

Leisure is yet another feeling that comes together with euphoria, and as soon as the influence of its is learn more about the best cbd gummies than men and women start feeling either sleepy or depressed. Other feelings which can come along with euphoria and relaxation include but are not limited to:

However, these effects aren’t mandatory for everybody and may vary depending on the person type who is consuming marijuana. Often Marijuana users may also suffer from panic, anxiety or perhaps distrust.

2. Inability in producing brand new memories: The usage of marijuana kills a man or woman’s ability to generate new memories. This indicates the end user may well not have the means to recall interesting things in future because of distorted thinking. This occurs because THC affects the way in which information is processed through hippocampus, the area of mind that’s responsible for development of new memories. Most of the evidence for supporting this theory comes from animal researches. For instance, rats which were subjected to THC showed notable memory issues in comparison to normal rats. In addition, it hastens the neuron loss process in hippocampus aspect of mind, which further dilutes a person’s potential to discover new info and projects.

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