Present Scenario Of Youth Against Rape

Rape is a heinous crime committed against women by men. It is defined under section 375 of the Indian Penal Code,1860. It is committed by a man to a women against her will, without her consent or with her consent when she is put in the fear of death or when she is in the condition of intoxication rape has been committed or when that girl is under the age of 16 years or she is minor. The punishment of rape is defined under section 376 of the Indian Penal Code,1860 where it has a punishment of 10 years which can be extended to lifetime imprisonment depending on the situation of the crime. But if the rape is being committed by police officer under his custody or if he commits gang rape then he along with the other members who are liable for rape will be sentenced to imprisonment for the period not extending 10 years. Gang rape is basically committed by one or more men and it is defined under section 376D of the Indian Penal Code,1860 and the punishment for this offence is not more than 10 years but can be extended to lifetime.

Nirbhaya Rape Case- The 2012 Delhi gang rape case which shocked the entire nation where a girl was brutally gangraped by four men and also used iron stick inside her body dur to which she died. Here every people of the nation demanded justice for her and here youth played a very major role by organising rallies and told peple about gang rape and also about it’s consequences and due to the effort of nation those 4 men were hung to death in the year 2020. Justice came to her after so long period of 8 years and if the same crime is being committed in America or China then the people would straight away be hanged to death but not here. So our judiciary system needs to be changed and it can only be changed by youth and present scenario of youth against rape stands with the following points-

Start or join conversation- We must talk to our family and friends about how can all the people work together and stop the rape culture and we must also join forces to protest against  and also affirming the decisions to protest rape and to stop it. We must also give ideas to people about how rape is a heinous crime and it can destroy the life of women.

Educating The Next Generation- It’s our duty so as to educate about the next generation about rape and how can it destroys women’s life and carrier and our next generation will also came to know about through rallies or also by seeing the videos related to it.

Be an Active Bystander-Violence against women is shockingly common in our nation and we also can become witness to the nonconsensual or the violent behaviour is unacceptable and here we must assess the situation. Our government has also also make laws in order to stop rape by making acts like the prevention of women from sexual harassment at the workplace act, 2010

Broaden Your Understanding Of Rape Culture- Across time and context it is very important to recognise that the culture of rape goes beyond the narrow nation of man assaulting a women as she walks alone at night and here youth have ensured that people must broaden their understanding about the rape culture. It also does not matter what a women is wearing and what was she doing there at the certain time.

Having Zero Tolerance- If the rape or any type of sexual assalut has taken place to the women who works at your workplace without any tolerance must take the accused before the police and take the victim to the hospital so that she can be saved from death. This culture must be practised everyday.


So we have discussed about how the rape can be stopped and how youth plays an important role and in today’s scenario people must strengthen their thinking about women as they are also the part of the society and lives in the same society where we lives and we must all like equally and if rape is committed to women then instead of blaming her demand justice for her and also we must try to uproot our law system that why does our law system takes so much time to bring the judgement.



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