Portable Hotspot Maker Crack Download PC/Windows

Important note: This program is available for both personal and commercial use.
If you have multiple wireless devices with no Internet access and no proper wireless router, you've probably heard about specialized apps that can help you create virtual hotspots.
Portable Hotspot Maker is one of the software solutions mentioned above that can help you achieve quick, convenient results without significant efforts.
Portable tool
This application is actually the portable version of Hotspot Maker. This means that, unlike its predecessor, it doesn't require installation. Simply unpacking the archive it comes in and launching its executable grants you full access to its features.
More so, it doesn't tamper with any of your Windows registry entries, nor does it create additional files or folders on your computer. It can also be run from removable storage media such as external HDDs or USB flash drives.
Create a virtual hotspot on your PC
Portable Hotspot Maker can come in handy if you have multiple wireless-enabled devices with no Internet access and lack a proper wireless router. Creating a hotspot means that you can easily share your ethernet (wired) connection with other devices.
The act of actually creating the hotspot can be simply done by just clicking the "Start Wi-Fi" button in the main window. It goes without saying that, for this application to work as intended, you must have a wireless network card or a wireless adapter, as well as a working Internet connection.
Minimalistic interface
This program is highly accessible to a broad range of computer users, thanks to its simplistic interface and lack of additional configuration windows, menus or panes that would only complicate such a straightforward task.
The only necessary parameters you need to configure are setting the hotspot name (SSID) and typing a password in the designated fields. However, note that both the SSID and the password can't be over eight characters, despite the fact that the password recommendation is to have at least eight characters.
Portable virtual hotspot creator
All things considered, if you're looking for a quick way to create a wireless hotspot on your computer, you can turn to Portable Hotspot Maker. It doesn't need to be installed, comes with a simple interface and requires no complicated configuration.







Portable Hotspot Maker Crack + Download For PC

Please note: The download is provided only for personal use. If you plan to use the tool in a commercial environment, please consider purchasing the software.

Portable Hotspot Maker Serial Key – Portable version of Hotspot Maker 2 – Download – PortableApps

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Portable Hotspot Maker – Portable version of Hotspot Maker 2 – Download – PortableApps

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## 10.6 Узнать больше о продуктах предлагаемого продавца PortableApps.org

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portableapps.org – это целевой проект, который занимается не просто изучением возможностей планшетов, но и предлагает им свои программы с известными недостатками и различными преимуществами.

Продукты предлагаемого продавца:

* Portable Hotspot Maker –

Portable Hotspot Maker Crack + Free

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Portable Hotspot Maker Crack + For Windows

Portable Hotspot Maker is a freeware software which allows you to create a hotspot that can be shared by other wireless devices.
This application is in essence a portable version of Hotspot Maker which was mentioned in our earlier article about creating a virtual hotspot on your PC.
You can create a hotspot on your computer that can be shared by other wireless devices.
Instead of requiring a specific hardware, Portable Hotspot Maker can be used on any computer that has a wireless card, a working Internet connection and an open port on the firewall.
The application supports Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10.
It also comes with some handy utilities. This includes a hotspot sharing wizard, that can be used to help you easily configure the hotspot settings; a listing of your existing wireless networks, that can be used to quickly determine if you need to share your existing connection; and a button that can be used to disconnect the hotspot.
Create a hotspot on your PC
Create a hotspot on a USB drive
Create a hotspot on a network drive
Create a hotspot on a CD
Create a hotspot on your web browser
Create a hotspot on a network printer
Create a hotspot on your mobile device
Take control of hotspot sharing
Acess hotspot sharing status
Acess your existing connections
Unpack Portable Hotspot Maker.
Click Start Wi-Fi to launch the hotspot wizard.
Choose the type of virtual hotspot you want to create.

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What’s New in the Portable Hotspot Maker?

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DirectX: Version 9.0c
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