Police complaint regarding the return of the marital property.



17th June, 202)                By Hand / Speed Post         Without Prejudice


The Officer in Charge 

Bhawanipore police station

42, Shyama Prasad Mukherjee Road, 

Jatin Das Park, Patuapara, Bhowanipore, 

Kolkata – 700 026.



Subject:    Complaint against 1) Mr Avik Doshi (S/o Mr Bharat Doshi) Mobile: 9999999999 Email: 2) MrBishal Doshi (s/o Late Charan Doshi), Mobile: 9888888888 3) Mrs Deepa Doshi (W/o Mr Bishal Doshi) Mobile 9777777777 & others; all residing at Tower-XI/103, FF, Amrapali Grand Society, Zeta-I, Greater Noida, Pin-201306, UP

                             I, Esha Doshi nee Gupta, wife of MrAvik Doshi, daughter of Mr Faneel Gupta, presently residing at 25, Ganga Prasad Mukherjee Road, 1st Floor, Bhawanipur, Kolkata – 700 025 (Mobile:9666666666) within the jurisdiction of your police station write to you as follows:

I got marriage to Mr Avik Doshi on 26.12.2010. The said marriage was a consequence of a love affair. After marriage, Mr Avik Doshi started to show his true colours. He began demanding expensive electronic items, jewellery, watches, stamped clothing in form of gifts from my family. He also used to spend his time drinking alcohol and staying out late till 1 a.m. He used to pick quarrels with me and would force me to consume alcohol and wear revealing clothes. Whenever I would refuse, he used to insult me and humiliate me before my family members and friends. Even after the birth of our daughter, (Ms Geeta born on 25.02.2012 respectively) there was little change in circumstances. He abused and misbehaved with our daughter as he desired son, not daughter thereby causing huge mental trauma and humiliation on both me and my daughter. 

Mr Anish Doshi has turned more violent and abnormal with time. It also came to light that he had lied about his graduation at the time of marriage as he was not a graduate. His constant misbehaviour and physical and mental cruelty caused me depression and mental trauma. 

In September 2017, the constant torture had reached such an alarming stage that I was compelled to tell my parents of the cruelty that I have suffered and as a result, at the intervention of our respective families, Mr Anish Doshi signed an undertaking on paper that he will no longer torture or misbehave with me. Despite this, Mr Avik Doshi did not keep his word and on 24.12.2017, he drove me out of the matrimonial abode with my child. Thereafter my parents tried to reconcile the matter amongst family members and well-wishers and on 13th May 2019, returned to my matrimonial home as an unwelcomed guest along with my child.

It is a fact that Mr Anish Doshi transferred a huge amount of Rs. 32.61 Lakhs on 16.03.2021 from our joint account No. 2555555555555 at Axis Bank, 31, BBD Bag, Dalhousie, Hare Street Police Station, Kolkata-700001 to his mother’s account Mrs Deepa Doshi. It is pertinent to mention herein that I had entrusted my income tax papers with a password, signed cheque leaves, 1st PPF Book, Bank Documents and other important documents to my husband but on repeated demand, he refused to return the same.  

On 6th April 2021, I have informed your police station regarding the refusal to return Rs 32.61 lakhs, etc. as above, and other documents/items lying with my in-laws whereupon Mr Anish Doshi threatened me by saying “ Do whatever you like, I will not give a single thing back. “

Given the above, I am constrained to urge upon your good office to treat this letter of complaint as an FIR, for due investigation and recovery of my stridhan articles as above as per law and oblige.  

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,


Esha Doshi nee Gupta


Enclosed: As stated above.





Name – Anubrati Debnath.


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