Plastics are necessary? if  asked  “YES” will be the answer in some corner of my mind because, my thoughts are different I think plastics have become part of my daily life, getting rid of it I would not be possible; Agree? Or not .” NO “comes preferably when we think about the health and environmental issues relating thereto. And I believe as many of you who read this article the answer that strikes you will be based on your preferences.

At  instace, When mom says beta, just keep this kind of stuff (whatever it may be) safely, I remember of plastic bag immediately at the first and then I would be searching for the place .what attracts in plastic and the using of it is that it might be the colour or smell or attractive image,fantasy that will make us use and carry it everywhere. Plastic, when we use this word it need not be plastic bags alone,but all other plastic accessories which is harmful.

But the government of india has been and is working to get rid of plastics because  most plastics are made up of polyethylene resin code#2 –is a high density polyethylene and  #4-is low or linear low density polyethylene which in the course of manufacturing  is a exposure to harmful chemicals during manufacturing, leaching in the stored food items while using plastic packages or chewing of plastic teethers and toys by children are linked with severe adverse health outcomes such as cancers, birth defects, impaired immunity, endocrine disruption, developmental and reproductive effects etc. Promotion of plastics substitutes and safe disposal of plastic waste requires urgent and definitive action to take care of this potential health hazard in future.

Instead of investing in quality goods that will last, we often prioritize convenience over durability and consideration of long-term impacts. Around 300 million tons of plastic worldwide is manufactured half of which is for single-use items. That’s nearly equivalent to the weight of human beings in the world. Single-use plastics are a glaring example of the problems with throwaway culture of the entire human population. The advent of fuel based plastics has revolutionized the industrial world and there is no area of manufacturing which is untouched by plastics. Research based on plastics proves their injurious nature towards human health in many direct or indirect ways.

The Growing  rate of manufaring plastics has resulted in  adverse outcomes,

  • It decreased anogenital distance in male infants
  • decreased levels of sex hormones and other consequences for the human reproductive system, both for females and males
  • Infants and children may be especially vulnerable to the toxic effects.

Legislatures and government agencies in Australia, Canada, the European Union, and the United States have restricted or prohibited the use of phthalates in consumer products. PET  is most commonly used to make the clear plastic bottles in which bottled water is sold and as containers for soda beverages, sports drinks, and condiments such as vinegar and salad dressing. PET bottles are also commonly used for the packaging of cosmetic products, such as shampoo  etc.which is hazardous to health.

Dealing with these plastics:

Plastics in the waste stream are dealt with in one of three ways: incineration, burial, or recycling ways.Incineration, used to dispose about 16% of all municipal wastes in developed countries burn garbage in waste-to-energy facilities that use heat energy to generate steam or electricity. Because plastics are typically derived from petroleum or natural gas, they can generate almost as much energy as fuel oil, although the much higher amount of energy initially required to produce the plastic is lost.

One reason  for  the prohibition of plastic is that  plastics are recycled less often than glass or metal is because the sorting step is very labor-intensive and so expensive.An innovative method for raising consumer awareness about separation of recyclable wastes from non recyclable is recently introduced in Thailand through “Waste for eggs campaign”. Thirty plastic waste pieces can be exchanged for 5 eggs by local people.

The new draft will replace the existing rules on plastic waste management which were notified in 2016 and amended in 2018. The 2021 draft rules have proposed to prohibit manufacture, import, stocking, distribution and sale of certain single-use plastics from January 1, 2022.

The Govt.of india After seeking suggestions and objections on the draft from citizens and stakeholders for a period of two months until May 11, the ministry is currently deliberating on the feedback which has been received.

In the three-stage ban, the first category of SUP items proposed to be phased out are plastic sticks used in balloons, flags, candy, ice-cream and ear buds, and thermocol that is used in decorations.

The second category, proposed to be banned from July 1, 2022, includes items such as plates, cups, glasses and cutlery such as forks, spoons, knives, straws, trays; wrapping and packing films used in sweet boxes; invitation cards; cigarette packets; stirrers and plastic banners that are less than 100 microns in thickness.

A third category of prohibition is for non-woven bags below 240 microns in thickness. This is proposed to start from September 30, 2022.

So, I do think I should and all of us need to  develop a habit of not using plastics or reduce using of plastic to protect ourself ,our coming generation and our environment and instead of using plastics we can develop a habit of using Natural fiber cloth bags, Glasses, wood, Bamboo,poterry and other ceramics.We should abide by the rules which are to be imposed by the Govt.and render complete support in this regard.


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