Q1- Ram is the registered partnership firm and sham is the seller of water manufacturing machinery. Both party contracted, that Sham has to sale water manufacturing machinery to Ram, which sham violated and cause damage to ram. Write a plaint for compensation for Ram.



Suit No. _____ Of 2021

Ram, 32 Apollo DB city, Indore                                                                                                                               Plaintiff


Sham, 32 BCM Planet, Indore                                                                                                                                 Defendant

Suit for compensation for breach of contract to sell water manufacturing machinery

The Plaintiff submitted as under.

  1. That the plaintiff has a partnership firm duly registered under the Indian partnership Act,
  2. That the defendant agreed to sell to the plaintiff a water manufacturing machinery for consideration of Rs_____ and that to be delivered to Ram on or before_____ .
  3. That the defendant has failed to deliver the machinery to the plaintiff on the decided date with causes much dislocation the business of the plaintiff and causes damages to the plaintiff.
  4. That the plaintiff has agreed and willing to complete the contract from his part.
  5. That the cause of action arises on the _____ when the machinery was to be delivered at Vijay Nagar Indore. Hence the court has jurisdiction.


It is prayed that a decree for payment of Rs ____ with cost of the suit       be passed in the favour of the plaintiff against the defendant. And also some other relief as court thinks fit.

Place-Indore                                                                        Signature

Date-______                                                                          Plaintiff


In the above named plaintiff do hereby verify that the contents of the paras no. 1 to 3 true to my knowledge and the contents of the remaining paras are based on legal advice from my advocate which I believe to be true.

Place-Indore                                                                         Signature

Date-______                                                                           Plaintiff




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