PET Film

Flexible laminates are created by laminating two or more flexible packaging webs together, which is done with the aid of a bonding agent.

Aluminum foils, sheets, Silicone coated film BOPP Film, Plastic films, Cable Wrap, Films Lacquered, Coated Film Coated Film, or others films may be used to create the substrates that make up the webs. In accordance with the intended purpose, Ganapathy Industries produces flexible laminates via the use of extrusion lamination, liquid adhesive lamination, solventless adhesive lamination, hot melt plastic laminate, and combinations of two or more processes.

Flexible Laminates APA-AMA from Ganapathy Industries improve the barrier properties of the packaging substance to protect the packaged item and increase its shelf life.

Laminates for flexible packaging from Ganapathy Industries are mostly used for three things:

Mechanical properties that make the material more resistant to tearing, punching, etc. barrier qualities that protect against external degrading agents (such as light, moisture, gas, oxygen, pathogens, and spoiling agents) as well as prevent loss of the product’s features, such as freshness and scent in the case of food.

An airtight seal is produced by the substrate saleability of the flexible packaging.

We at Ganapathy Industries can print in eight different colours on these substrates. This could provide the package the much-needed visual appeal and help our customers communicate their brand to their target market more effectively.

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