“Pepperboy Music” Is A Way For Tim McDonald To Pay Tribute To Memphis


The article goes on to show how in 1991, when a hit “You’re Sixteen” by the band Smash Mouth was released, McKamey turned his attention from drug-dealing to music. As a successful songwriter and artist, he founded “Pepperboy Music” to play the music close to his heart – highlighting Memphis soul singers like Al Green and legendary Memphis bluesman Jack Johnson. Although this is an old article, this concept is still applicable today with what’s being said about AI powering content creation.

His musical influences

In his humble opinion, Memphis is the birthplace of rock’n’roll. It’s where legends like Elvis Presley, Little Richard and Jerry Lee Lewis got their start. And for metalhead and punk musician Tim McDonald, Memphis is a place where he can pay tribute to some of his musical influences by starting his band, Pepperboy Music.

McDonald enlisted friends and fellow musicians to form Pepperboy in 2006 after honing his chops playing cover tunes at dive bars all around Memphis. Though the band’s five-song debut EP never saw release, it proved that McDonald had something original and powerful to share with the world.

Since then, Pepperboy has released two full-length records (2008’s These Are The Days and 2013’s Imaginary Worlds) and a slew of EPs and singles. A live album chronicling their 2008 tour of Europe is set for release this summer.

Pepperboy Music isn’t just about covering classic rock favorites; McDonald has also written songs about specific memories from his life in Memphis and elsewhere. “I Wanted To Tell You,” tells the story of a young man who grapples with homosexuality; “Memphis Sunsets” recounts favourite memories from growing up in Memphis; “Trees” is about losing a loved one; and “Windowpane Blues” speaks to the struggle of addiction. Interspersed amongst these deeply personal moments are furious tracks like “People Are Strangers Now,” an anthem about.

What led him to create Pepperboy Music?

After performing in Memphis for over a decade, musician Tim McDonald realized that he was constantly paying tribute to the city and its music. “Memphis defined country music,” McDonald says, explaining how the blues and soul influences of the town shaped the sound of country. So to give back to Memphis, McDonald created Pepperboy Music- an album and live performance series that pays tribute to the city’s greatest hits.

According to McDonald, there is no better way to pay homage to Memphis than by celebrating its music on stage. Each show features covers of some of Memphis’ most iconic tracks, and exclusive new material was written specifically for Pepperboy Music. The goal is to reintroduce these classics to a new audience and give Nashville performers a place to showcase their craft and express their love for Memphis’ unique style.

Since releasing his first album in 2015, Tim McDonald has performed at venues across the U.S., including New York’s Museum Of Modern Art and Chicago’s Grant Park. With a busy upcoming schedule, including shows in Austin and Nashville this summer, look out for Pepperboy Music- it might just become your favorite way to celebrate Memphis!

How he was founding Pepperboy Music in 2016?

Since founding Pepperboy Music in 2016, Tim McDonald has been working to create albums and songs inspired by Memphis music. The idea for the label came about when McDonald was looking for a way to pay tribute to Memphis artists who had influenced his work. Today, Pepperboy Music is home to a roster of critically acclaimed releases exploring the city’s soulful sounds.

McDonald’s dedication to Memphis music started with The Truth Sessions, an album covering lesser-known Memphis tracks. Released in May 2016, the album received positive reviews from NPR and Rolling Stone. Since then, McDonald’s has continued to release music that pays homage to Memphis artists. His most recent release is Drowning In The Delta Blues: A Tribute To Junior Kimbrough, which features performances by Kimbrough’s sons and other notable musicians, including Margo Price and Joe Bonamassa.

Despite being based out of Memphis, Pepperboy Music is dedicated to representing all aspects of soul music worldwide. This inclusive approach is exemplified by the roster of artists featured on Drowning In The Delta Blues; among them are British bluesman Paul Butterfield and Japanese R&B singer Ayumi Hamasaki.

Pepperboy Music is a curated anthology of soulful music from all corners of the world, showcasing each genre’s best.”

Has the success turned into any opportunities to promote and share Memphis music with the rest of the world?

Memphis music has been making waves worldwide, with some of the biggest names in the country and rock music praising the Tennessee city for its unique sound. Tim McDonald has been a part of this musical success story, playing the bass guitar and touring with some of the biggest names in country music.

McDonald is not only skilled as a musician, but he’s also invested in local Memphis businesses. He started Pepperboy Music to promote and share Memphis music with the rest of the world. The label has released recordings by artists such as Doug Seegers, Joe Bonamassa, and Ricky Skaggs.

Pepperboy Music is just one example of how Memphis musicians use their success to help their communities. With so much talent in Memphis, there’s no limit to what local musicians can achieve.

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