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New York Giants is very disappointed with the team offensive groupNew York Giants’ main coach – McCadu (Ben McAdoo) does not need to watch the competition, it is very clear that the team’s bad performance of our team Sunday.

Adrian Peterson said it will also fight for four or five years.US time, Wednesday, Jogged Adrian Peterson completed the first training in Arizona, he will worry about the number of Chris Johnson (23). Although he is a 28th, he is a Justin Bethel, and the two have not tied to the number of numbers, so Peterson can only accept arrangements.

Jet 4-point Wei Dolnord will be absent due to shoulder injuryUS time on Saturday, jet officially announced that Sam Darnold will absent this week’s game for the patriots due to the right shoulder injury.

Last season, Harry suffered a problem of knee injuries. He completed 6.5 quartz to kill, but still in the fifth consecutive year in the list of professional bowls, this old will be 33 years old in November this year.

Darnod squatted in 10.1 against the wild horse, lacking two games. But when he was present, the team’s offensive performance was not satisfactory. He has not passed the ball for three consecutive games, and the passing of 9 pours will not exceed 230 yards.

After the game, McCadu used “very disappointment” to describe his offensive group, he accepts an interview: “The performance of the offensive group is very disappointing, and every part of the offensive group has no effect.”

There is a lot of teams that are brought by red skin and need to add quadrants, but they have not selected Haskins. Now, Haskins is boring, not only to compete for the first red skin, but also to the alliance to prove its strength.

Red leather first round show Haskskins talks to the sliding: the league is a messBeijing April 27, the first round of cheap nfl jerseys from china dragons in the US time on Thursday, Washington red skin once considered the forward transaction. But they finally resistant, waited until the quadroteswide – Haskins (DWAYNE HASKINS).

Such a review is obviously very accurate, the giant has driven only 198 yards in the game, and the ground promotes only 35 yards. Obviously, whether it is a pass or a running ball, there is no performance in front of the defensive in the cowboy.

Haskins only played a year of rugby, so the red skin coach Jay-Grunett (Jay Gruden) still said that he did not need to be too impatient. However, he still has a lot of opportunities to defeat the competitors Case Keenum and Cold McCoy, and become the first quarter of the red skin unveiled.

Haskins does not lack arm, but also accurately pass the treated external connections, the key moment, decision-making capacity is also obvious, and there is a potential to become a four-defense of excellent band. But lack of mobility and experience is the problem that cannot be ignored.

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