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With all the websites we visit on a daily basis and the accounts we have to login to, there is no wonder that it sometimes happens that we forget a password or a username. In such cases, password recovery tools are there to give a helping hand and, as its name suggests, OutlookAccountsView can provide assistance in recovering Outlook account details on any Windows computer.
Get profile data from local and remote computers 
One of the perks of this application is that it does not require installation. The downloaded archive is unzipped and OutlookAccountsView is ready to go as soon as you double click on the main executable file.
To begin with, you are prompted to choose the source where OutlookAccountsView should read data from, namely the currently logged user on the local system, and external disk or a remote computer. In the two last cases, there are a few extra specifications to make: if you need to recover the email passwords of Outlook accounts stored on external disks, then you also have to specify the “DAT” registry file of the user. For OutlookAccountsView to also recover email passwords, then you must also provide the “Protect” folder of the user profile, found in the AppData folder.
To read files from the user profile on the target machine, OutlookAccountsView requires administrative privileges.
Recover data related to your Outlook profile 
OutlookAccountsView scans the user profile data and recovers all the details of the Outlook profiles. It comes with support for POP3, IMAP and SMTP protocols and it allows you to work both with local and remote PCs.
The main window is where all the data is displayed in an organized manner, revealing the account name, the email and the username, the password, the name of the profile, the server’s address, type and port, the registry key and the name of the Windows user. All the data can be easily exported to file or included in HTML reports for later reference,
Recover your Outlook profiles 
OutlookAccountsView is an application that follows the layout and principles of other programs created by the same developer. It is easily to operate and comes with a straightforward interface, while delivering useful information. All in all, it is handy to have around if you need information about your Outlook profiles.







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Outlook data recovery is a process of getting back data from corrupted Outlook data and organizing them in a way that can be used again.
Outlook data recovery software runs in the background when you are working on a corrupt Outlook data, thus saving your time.
A few things you can do to recover the Outlook data:

Try a new Outlook data recovery software.
Look for the Outlook data recovery data files from the following locations:


The above-listed folders will contain the corresponding recovery file and you can try using it.
Use the third-party tools to recover Outlook data

Use Outlook data recovery utility.
As mentioned earlier, Outlook data recovery software is a common way to recover Outlook data. The data recovery utility has the ability to recover Outlook data.
You can also use third-party tools to recover Outlook data. Here, you need to use these software for one-time or long-time recovery.

NOTE: You need to be careful while downloading the software from the Internet. There are number of fake Outlook data recovery software and it will not work well in the case of real Outlook data recovery.


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OutlookAccountsView (April-2022)

OutlookAccountsView is a freeware utility for users to recover Outlook account passwords and profile data from the user profile of the local computer or from an external PC.
OutlookAccountsView does not require installation and is available as a portable application. This utility is simply a zip archive file. A batch file is also included in the archive to make life easier for non-technical users. OutlookAccountsView is a freeware application which can be downloaded with its self-extracting archive for free.

The author is well known in the security field and the script used in this program has been optimized to keep the maximum compatibility.

It doesn’t scan for viruses or Trojans, so there is no need to worry about potential security threats.

OutlookAccountsView scans the user profile data of your PC on a local or a remote computer.

OutlookAccountsView supports POP3, IMAP and SMTP protocols and allows you to work with local and remote PCs.

The program can be used to recover the email passwords of your Outlook profiles.

Once installed, the program scans your computer for Outlook profiles. It will recover the account names, emails, usernames and passwords of all your accounts.

Once recovered, you can export data to a text file or to a HTML report for later reference.

We don’t guarantee 100% compatibility. Use it at your own risk.

Doesn’t work for Outlook 2003 users.

OutlookAccountsView will work without any special configuration, simply extract it to a location of your choice, launch the batch file and let it do its magic. It will take a few minutes, depending on the number of Outlook profiles you have.

After recovering all the accounts, the program will ask you whether you want to save the recovered information to the new user profile or export it to a text file.

The program doesn’t save any sensitive data to the user profile.

You may try it out and give us feedback, we would appreciate it.

OutlookAccountsView recovers the data from local and remote computers.

OutlookAccountsView does not scan for viruses or Trojans, there is no need to worry about potential security threats.

Allows the user to scan the user profile data of his computer on a local or a remote computer.

Allows the user to scan the user profile data of his

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Online backup for Outlook on Windows.
Reads all the Outlook data from selected user and send to a file.
Send report to the address.
Create a HTML report from the data.
Support for MS Outlook 2000 – 2007.
Support for external disks.
Support for POP3, IMAP, SMTP.
Support for local profiles and remote profiles on computers.
Encrypted copies of data.
Support for encrypting data by Data Protection.
Integrated antispam filtering by SpamAssassin.
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Outlook Account Recovery
Outlook Password
Outlook Password Recovery
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published:26 Jun 2015


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What’s New in the?

OutlookAccountsView is an application that allows you to recover lost password of Outlook, Lotus Notes or any other Novell and Microsoft branded application that uses Outlook as its mail client. For this reason, many of the applications listed here are also available in many other software products.
Key Features:
Allows you to recover email passwords for multiple Outlook accounts.
The application allows to recover email passwords from multiple Windows account on the same computer, as well as the password of the default Microsoft Exchange account.
Recovers data from multiple Windows accounts in a convenient way.
Restores password from multiple Windows accounts.
Recovers password from Windows with only one click.
Supports other software that use the same technology as Outlook.
The password can be recovered from Linux.
The application does not require any software installation.
Recover an individual Microsoft password and username.
The recovered password will be saved for future reference.
The application allows to recover password of multiple Outlook accounts.
How to recover lost Outlook account?
You may easily lose your Outlook account details due to various reasons. It could have happened accidentally or it could have been stolen. The good news is that, you do not need to panic as there are software products that can help you recover lost Outlook accounts.
OutlookAccountsView is such a software program. It allows to recover the Outlook username and password. It does not require any installation, which means that all you have to do is to download it from the official website and click on the recovery button.
You will be asked to specify the target machine where OutlookAccountsView should look for Outlook accounts. Then, you can choose which computer account you are interested in. You will be able to choose the location for recovering username and password.
Download OutlookAccountsView
OutlookAccountsView is available for free download. To do so, click on the download link provided on the website or type the web address in your browser and press enter. Then, follow the instructions in the wizard that pops up.
What are the steps to recover lost Outlook account?
The first thing to do is to download OutlookAccountsView. After that, open the downloaded archive file and double click on the application icon. Next, you will have to specify which computer account is concerned. It can be the local machine where you are logged in. You can choose another machine or a remote one. When everything is set, you will be able to begin the recovery process.
Start to recover Outlook account
After you have decided where to look for Outlook account details, click on the recovery button. You will then be prompted for your email address and your password. Type the correct email address and password. After that, OutlookAccountsView will start to scan the specified machine for all Outlook accounts.
Recover email password from local PC
To recover the email password of a local Outlook account, first make sure that the target

System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7 64-bit
Processor: 2.6GHz quad-core
Memory: 4GB RAM
Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GTX 550
DirectX: Version 11
Hard Drive: 7 GB available space
Sound Card: DirectX compatible
Additional Notes: Visual C++ 2010 Express is not supported, but it is included in the application download for your convenience. If the installation fails at this stage, try to reinstall Visual C++ 2010 and the program in that order.


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