Open Eye Hemp Gummies – (Conclusion) Open Eye Hemp Isolate Vegan Gummies

➥Product Name – Open Eye Hemp Gummies

➥Main benefits – Reduce Stress Anxiety, And Chronic Pain/Aches.

➥Ingredients – Cannabidiol, Medium Chain Triglycerides, Hemp And More..!

➥Dosage – As Prescribed Take One Gummy Daily Of OpenEye Hemp CBD Gummies

➥Price – Check Official Website

Are you presently dissatisfied by the way your Hemp oil tastes? Still not convinced that it can promote wellness? Hemp oils have become a norm today, as they have been shown to alleviate inflammation-related symptoms. The main concern with the said solution is that part of the ingested Hemp unfortunately does not get absorbed by the body. To deal with this issue, several solutions have come and gone, but one that remains firm is gummies. Why? They are not only effective but are also tasteful and pleasurable. With the aforesaid in mind, the purpose of this review is to introduce the Open Eye Hemp Gummies.

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What is Open Eye Hemp Gummies?

Open Eye Hemp Gummies are Hemp-infused gummies made to serve people who are looking for the next best alternative to Hemp oils. With 600mg of Hemp per bottle, individuals will have access to 20mg of Hemp per gummy, all while enjoying them without having to think about any of its earthy aftertaste. Having covered the basics of Open Eye Hemp Gummies, to see how they compare to industry standards, we need to further explore its list of features.

How do Open Eye Hemp Gummies compare to industry standards?

When assessing potency, it is imperative that factors including safety, purity and transparency are also evaluated. These are the main features that our team seeks in order to arrive at a sound conclusion. Summarized below is what we were able to gather on the Open Eye Hemp Gummies:

Grown and Manufactured in the USA

The source of hemp used in the Open Eye Hemp Gummies is allegedly organic, non-GMO, and grown and manufactured in the U.S. This is a desirable feature because the country and its respective states are known for their stringent attitude towards the industry. It is evident that they are currently doing their best to ensure maximum safety for the general public, while eliminating deceptive players in the market.

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Potent Concentration

Concentration was briefly discussed in this piece. Precisely, one bottle consisting of 30 gummies amounts to a total of 600mg of Hemp. If one piece was to be considered, that’s 20mg of Hemp! When placed on a scale representing industry standards, this product lies on the higher end, implying moderate-to-high potency.

Third-Party Lab-Tested

Open Eye Hemp Gummies have undergone third-party lab-testing for purity and potency by Sloan Health Products. Sloan Health Products is a nutritional supplement manufacturer based in Tampa. Their services range from designing a private label and helping to formulate a proprietary blend to packaging, manufacturing gummies, capsules, and tablets, designing labels and logos, and contributing towards cosmeceuticals.

As for documentation, the provided Certificate of Analysis indicates that the gummies contain 25mg of Hemp each. Clearly, this is a contradiction to what the advertisement suggests, hence more investigation will be needed on this area. Aside from that, the microbiological testing depicts a pass.

How much do Open Eye Hemp Gummies cost?

Each Open Eye Hemp Gummies bottle includes a count of 30 gummies. Bearing this in mind, listed below is quick prices’ breakdown:

➣    1 Open Eye Hemp Gummies bottle: $59.95 each

➣    3 Open Eye Hemp Gummies bottles: $43.33 each

➣    5 Open Eye Hemp Gummies bottles: $37.99 each

On average, one bottle might suffice for a month, especially knowing how highly concentrated each serving is. However, this might vary from a novice to an experienced user. Ultimately, individuals are asked to assess their health before either taking a gummy or increasing intake.

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For more information, OpenEye Hemp customer service can be contacted via:

➢    Email:

➢    Phone: (760) 576-4117 Open Mon-Sat 9AM to 8PM ET

➢    Address: Open Eye Hemp 3231 C Business Park Drive #201 Vista, CA 92081

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Open Eye Hemp Gummies Final Verdict

Based on the analysis above, Open Eye Hemp Gummies are slightly above industry standards. This conclusion comes as a result of the efforts that the team have taken to ensure potency, purity, safety, and transparency are on point. For these reasons, the listed prices, primarily the per-unit price for either 4 or 6 bottles, are quite justifiable. Having said that, there remains a discrepancy in the information provided.

Mainly, the official website suggests that each gummy might include 20mg of Hemp, while the Certificate of Analysis reports a marginally higher dose. Moreover, we aren’t entirely convinced by the role that Sloan Health Products might have played here. Specifically, they come across as a manufacturing company rather than a testing company. All things considered; we encourage everyone to do their due diligence prior to placing an order. A great first step would be to directly contact OpenEye Hemp’s customer service team.

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