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DO YOU THINK I’M PERFECTLY AUDIBLE? CAN I BE SEEN IN THE RIGHT WAY? IS THERE AN ERROR IN THE NETWORK? These are some of the common questions heard during an online meeting, whether for school, college, or business. Every one of us has become accustomed to it since India’s initial shutdown in March, when everything was forced to shut down.

Every school, college, and company has successfully transitioned to online learning, but there is an issue with government schools owing to a lack of resources and expertise necessary for e-learning.


Online education proved to be a blessing in disguise. Even in the face of difficulty, it assisted pupils in obtaining information. Many students were overjoyed when they learned of the school and college closures, but much more so when they learned of the new e-learning trend. It drastically altered the educational system and opened up new options for pupils, allowing them to study anything at any time. Students benefit from e-learning since it allows them to study about whatever they desire outside of their school and college responsibilities. It had provided them greater freedom and allowed them to enroll in a wider range of courses. They now have more time to spend with their families without having to sacrifice their careers. It saves them time and money by reducing the amount of time they spend travelling to distant locations.

Some students cannot afford to attend their desired institutions, but they can now do so, thanks to the online system. This shift from physical to virtual mode has changed the entire phenomenon and provided numerous benefits, including the ability for housewives and other unemployed people to begin virtual employment and earn money that will enable them to improve their lifestyles.



Every coin has two sides, and every circumstance has both benefits and drawbacks. Students and professors have both been critical of e-learning. Students have complained that studying for such a long time while sitting in one spot has grown tiresome, and that it is also difficult to concentrate in online sessions owing to a lack of physical activity.

Despite the massive push, only one third of India’s school children are pursuing online education, with a smaller batch of this 32.5 percent participating in live online classes, according to the Annual Status of Education Report, highlighting how the digital divide in the school sector remains wide.

There is still a long way to go in terms of developing a successful online system. Many youngsters have still not studied anything since the lockdown due to a lack of internet access. The worst part of our educational system is that there is already a lot of discrimination against girls’ schooling, but because to the accessibility of mobile phones, this generated a significant gender disparity in prejudice during lockdown.



On the one hand, online education is a blessing, but it is also a curse. Even amid such trying times, it gave a plethora of new chances for students to hone their abilities. SWAYAM (Study Webs of Active Learning for Young Aspiring Minds), e-PG Pathshala, DIKSHA, Virtual labs, and other government initiatives have also been introduced. However, this does not fulfil the educational demands of the country. The government can take a variety of steps and start new projects to help our country close the socioeconomic gap. Every country’s economy relies heavily on education, whether it is online or offline.




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