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The former Lion coach Schwaz will be in the official officeJim Schwartz found a new job, but this time he would not be any team’s coach. On Mondays, NFL officially announced that Schwawzse will join alliances as an advisory, wholesale jerseys becoming an official worker. According to reports, the Alliance hopes that Schwabe will propose some suggestions to the alliance with the perspective of the coaches.

O’Brien has been adhered to the first quarter-saving decision without timetable, and there will be clear starters before the end of the spring or early training camp. It is still 10 days from the end of the spring.

Texas people coach: Before the training camp, decided to start quad-savingThe production of HBO “Strong Training Camp” program group can definitely be able to show Brian Hoyer and Ryan Mallett during this summer shot of Houston. A fierce four-guard competition.

Ron Ron Ron Ron Ron Ron Ron Ron Ron Ron Ron Ron Ron Ron Ron Ron Ron Ron Ron Ron Ron Ron Ron Ron Ron Ron Ron Ron Ron Ron Ron Ron Ron Ron Ron Ron Ron Ron Ron said: “I notify him, I believe that the two are more beneficial. We thank the contribution to Haskins in the past two seasons, I hope he Lu Yilai is smooth. “

We still think that this decision will make it after the training camp is started, but in the case of the mandatory mini training camp, the Hoyel or Maeart still proves that he can become the first time before the Spring is started next week. Quarter.

“To say that the system is adapted, I think there is no more perfect detailed in the free market. His passage tips, start adjustment when the ball is very difficult. & Hellip; & hellip; he not only skills, also know How to use it. My favorite is that as a player, Jack is not learning new knowledge. I look forward to studying with him, see what adjustment, help him. “

“This decision may be made before the start of the training camp,” O’Brien said: “They compete every day (team organization training and mini training camp), this competition is very intense. So we might Soon picking out the first selection. If we have not made a decision and this decision needs to wait until the beginning of the training camp, we will complete this matter very early. The team needs to know who is the first quarter-saving, we need Go to work next step. “

Pierce is restricted free players, and the weight has exceeded 154kg when the mini training camp is reported. After strictly criticized on Tuesday, Martin Dell believes that he has recognized what to do.

“He wants to be a player who can be relied in the second gear and three gears.” Gates said, “He didn’t want to end. The number of his holdings and the physical side, we will use this. However, I love his current thinking method, he wants to be a player who can be relied. He is already our home quartz, the three-speed number, the red area and the last two minutes. But he still wants to do more Many, I want to be a player who can work whenever it is. “

Last season, Schworth was a defensive coordinator in Buffalo, and the team was tuned as a defensive strength of the leader 4 in the Alliance. With Rex Ryan, Schwar is also lost his work. In front of Bill, Schwabe has taught five seasons in the Detroit Lion.

The coach Adam Gase also found Ajai’s changes, including spiritual aspects. Gain said he believes that Ajai is no longer eager to seek, and begins to ask some “very quadrant-style problems” on the offense and its own role.

This year’s break, Schwabe has actively contacted some teams, hoping to get a defensive coordinator. But in the end, he did not agree with any team. In the end, Schwaz decided to accept the invitation of the alliance and work for the official work. According to reports, this does not mean the end of Schwabe career, he is still expected to re-press a team next season. On the other hand, and alliances may also assist in the future coaching career of Schwabee to a certain extent.

Jay – Ajai hopes to become a more comprehensive playerBeijing June 15th Dolphin Offense Coordinator Clyde Christensen has previously stated that the improvement of Jay Ajayi’s Jay Ajayi stadium is not just a coincidence.

Giving the first quarter-breaking training in the training camp can best help him prepare a new season. Early early quarter-off competition can also give O’Brien more time to ensure that their offensive system can run normal in the first week.

O’Brien has worked in the new England Patriots and Hoyel and Maeart, so he may know the shortcomings of their character, learning habits and fields. Now he is just waiting for one of them to stand out. Once he sees this situation, he will make a decision.

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