Our Prime minster Narendra Modi had continuously emphasis his focus on ONE NATION, ONE ELECTION. According to him for our country’s development this policy is important. As every year there are many elections held in different states and huge amount of money is spent which can be used for the development process rather than spending it on election.

In India first General Lok Sabha Election was held between 1950- 1951 and this lok sabha election was held according to the provision mentioned in the Indian Constitution. So at that time two biggest parties in election were – INDIAN NATIONAL CONGRESS led by PT. JAWAHAR LAL NEHRU and COMMUNIST PARTY OF INDIA led by A.K GOPALAN .
In First Lok Sabha election out of population of 360 million people 170 million people were held eligible for voting. This Election was won by INC by winning 364 seats out of 489 seats.

In India elections are conducted in 3 level –
One Nation, One Election is one of the most discussed topic presently as Prime Minister Narendra Modi have talked about it in All India Party. He stated that there should be single voter’s list in the country, so that quality of time could be saved in favor of Nation. He said for the local bodies election i.e. Panchayat, Municipality Election and even for Vidhan Sabha, Lok Sabha election there should be common electoral role or voter list , it will save the time and will help in development of the country.

In India Election Commission have the responsibility to conduct the election and to have eye on it, which was setup in 1950
Local bodies election are conducted by State Election Commission, every state have different state election commission. For this election different voter list is prepared, and in other hand to conduct State Assembly Election and Lok Sabha election it is in the hand of Election Commission of India and they prepare the different voter list for the election.
So Prime Minister Modi is talking about these two voter list only and he wanted to make them as one common voter list for every level of election which means One Nation, One Election. And people can give vote at their state level election.

Single Voter’s List this can only be prepared when State government will give permission to borrow the voter list form election commission of India to State election commission.
In Present Scenario expect the below mentioned state all other state can borrow voter list from election commission of India for their state election –
Common Voter List will help the nation to conduct election in less expenses plus it will consume less time.

IN 1999 AND 2004 also Election Commission Of India talked about bringing one nation one election and Law commission in 2015, in their report recommended about it too.
TO bring such a big changes in the country what type changes should be made in our Indian Constitution – So we just need to amend Article 243K and Article 243ZA which talk about local bodies’ election to be conducted by state election Commission.
Therefore we can say that in India we need one nation, one election system in order to save time and to stop all the delays that take place during the development projects. One common voter list will help the states to save their money and time both. And this can benefit our nation in its growing development process.

Monisha Acharya

An aspiring lawyer in process.

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