Nutritional Supplements for Men

learn moreWhere Do Men Fall Short Nutritionally?

Based on research by the United States Department of Agriculture, men age thirty to fifty should take in 350 % more dark green vegetables each day and 150 % more fruit per day to be able to meet the food needs of theirs. In fact, it’s not unheard of for even well-fed men to obtain some dietary deficiencies, nevertheless, usually not severe enough to cause disease. Most men compensate for this by taking dietary supplements.

Harvard Medical School conducted a health study of male physicians more than ten years to assess quantities of vitamins C as well as E, beta carotene, and also other vitamins. Although this particular study was inconclusive on the need for the average man to get mineral and vitamin supplements, it did conclude that beta carotene supplements are usually advantageous to the brain if taken regularly for a few years.

Another somewhat surprising finding is the fact that lots of men do not get adequate vitamin D and calcium. We have witnessed a great deal of focus on the value of these for girls of ages that people often forget that men have to get sufficient calcium and vitamin D at the same time. Osteoporosis is rarer in men than in women, although men are able to get the disease also. Men that stay away from dairy products because of lactose intolerance or makes an attempt to reduce calories are missing out. Dietary supplements with calcium can help.

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Most physicians as well as nutritionists say that getting the recommended minerals and vitamins from foods will be the healthiest option because getting the total advantage of these nutrients may count on interactions between the different elements which make up the food items. For instance, strawberries are abundant not only in vitamin C, but in addition in various other micronutrients which help the vitamin C be absorbed and used better.

Because males usually ingest plenty in the form of meat to ensure they get plenty of iron, also, since men do not have the issue of losing iron each month as ladies of childbearing age do, males generally consume more than adequate amounts of metal to ensure that they do not become anemic. Anemia in men is often due to problems aside from inadequate iron intake.

Supplementation is sometimes Necessary

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